GDRC Mosaic
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The 15 programmes of GDRC, and the five spheres that they fall under, are intrinsically linked to each other, forming an interdisciplinary mosaic of themes, issues and topics.

In the complex world we live in today, it is no longer possible for us to take the simple one-problem-one-solution approach. There will always be problems behind problems, and solutions for solutions.

With the objective of highlighting these and other interrelated issues, GDRC launched a newsletter called "Mosaic" in November 2003 (GDRC itself began operations in April 1995, and went online on 25 May 2000).

The "GDRC Mosaic" is a monthly email newsletter that provides information bites, and summarizes programme activities of GDRC, including new items added to the website. It is produced and uploaded at the end of each month.