Some Gender and Environment statistics

  • Water pollution in Uzbekistan has led to an increase in birth defects and complications in pregnancy.
  • Pesticide exposures in Central Sudan are linked to 22 percent of hospital stillbirths.
  • Air pollution in the Ukraine has been linked to 21 percent of all illnesses affecting women and children.
  • One in three women in the U.S. will be diagnosed with cancer sometime during their lives.
  • Nuclear contamination in Chelyabinsk, Russia has led to a 21 percent increase in cancer and a 25 percent increase in birth defects. Half the population of child bearing age is sterile.
  • In Guatemala, pesticide residues in breast milk are reported to be 250 times the amounts allowed in cow's milk.
  • Most children in China take in DDT from breast milk at levels 10 times higher than internationally accepted maximums.
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