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Press Kit
Advertise Tell people about the website. There are many people working on the issues covered in the website, but simply do not know it exists. Tell them. Send an email. Pass on the URL to someone interested (the URL is:
Add a link in your website if it is relevant. Recommend to other relevant websites to place a link. Check the logo page, if you would like to use a logo!
Report errors Try as you might, errors do creep in. Please report them - whether they are spelling errors, or factual inaccuracies and inconsistencies. If the data/information is out of date and you have the latest information, please do send it to the email listed below. Sometimes, the display of the website may be distorted or reading the text difficult: if this is the case, please send an email, providing details of the error, browser type etc.
Give feedback What do you think of the contents of the website? Is it really useful for grassroots activity? Please provide comments, suggestions and ideas on how the website can be enhanced and improved. There is always scope for improvement, and feedback will be welcome. Send them to
Contribute write-ups The true value of the website is in the information it provides, its contents. Do you have something that you would like to share with the people who visit the website? Documents, reports, analyses, notes, observations etc. Such information enhance and enrich the website as a whole, and provide more information to a wider range of users.
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