The Central and Eastern European Countries Database of Experts, Consultants and Researchers

The purpose of the database is to enhance and enrich the available pool of expertise to microfinance programmes in CEECs. The information will be made available to microfinance programmes, which will then be used for collaborative work, including training, monitoring and evaluation, seminars and conferences, field studies etc. The database is part of the efforts of the Informal Credit Homepage to provide pertinent and packaged information support to CEEC microfinance programmes.

Please print out this form and fax it to +(81-3) 5734-3199 or email it to

Note: This database is limited in its coverage to the CEEC region. Please ensure that your responses below are relevant to the region.


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Postal address:
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Nature of previous work experience in CEECs:
CEEC region/country:
Organizational affiliation:
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          CEEC/Local - 
Nature of output:

Permission to put information on the Informal 
Credit Homepage Please note that the database 
will be made available in a  user/password protected 
section of the Informal Credit  Homepage - available 
only to CEEC Microfinance programmes or to 
agencies that operate programmes in the region.

[ ] YES [ ] NO

Please note that the usefulness of the database will be good if the information is current. Hence, a request is included here to keep all the above information updated constantly. Please keep a copy of the above proforma, and send a copy to whenever there is a change in the above details.

Any other comments/suggestions are also welcome. Thank you very much for your participation!

Contact address:
Hari Srinivas, Ph.D. Asst. Professor,
Informal Credit Homepage
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