Philosophy of Fundusz Mikro

Economic impact

By making loans to small businesses Fundusz Mikro provides finance to the economy in a manner which ensures the quickest and the most visible impact for local communities such as:

  • job creation
  • expansion of local trading relationships
  • development of local services

Accordingly, it contributes to a better understanding and acceptance of the rules of the market economy, as well as to the creation of positive examples of enterprise.

Client profile

Fundusz Mikro lends money to honest and reasonable people, who have proved that they are able to use it effectively. It lends money to businesses which we understand and we believe will grow. It offers a product which uses collateral different from that required by banks in order to meet the needs of those who do not qualify for bank loans. It offers a range of loan products which meet the different preferences of borrowers and assures them a comfortable choice.

Loan process

Fundusz Mikro procedures emphasize preventative action to ensure timely repayment of loans rather than recovery of bad debts. It tries to understand in depth the intentions and motivations of co-signers and borrowers beyond their own level of self awareness. It uses positive incentives to reinforce direct feedback from borrowers and ensure repayments. When it makes loans to groups of borrowers, risk is mitigated by also using their experience to appraise businesses of other group members.


Fundusz Mikro employs psychologically-oriented people who accept Fundusz Micro's value system and who are practical flexible and experienced in every day matters. Because his/her job is unique in Poland, each potential employee is given an opportunity to spend some time in one of Fundusz Mikro's branches, fully participating in its activities before he/she decides whether or not to accept a position in the company.


It markets its product through specific channels - between mass sales methodologies (that are too expensive) and private network creation (that are too slow). In its sales/marketing efforts it targets already existing natural large groups of potential clients who know each other, from which, smaller groups of reliable borrowers can emerge. It also targets people, companies and organizations who have the same clients as Fundusz Mikro and it is in their interest to market the clients products.

Abstracted from Fundusz Mikro's Training Manual
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