. Fundusz Mikro, Poland

Mission statement: To serve microenterprises (less than five employees) throughout Poland.

Target Group: Number of borrowers: 1,100
55 percent of borrowers are women.
40 percent of first-time borrowers are below poverty line
10 percent of first-time borrowers are in the bottom 50% of those living below poverty line.
Projected number of borrowers in 1997: 3,000

Savings, training and other services:
Fundusz Mikro pays up to 50% of the cost of external training courses, as a grant to their clients.

Rosalind Capisarow
Ul. Poznanska 16 M.3
Warszawa, 00-680
Tel: +48-22-622-2635
Fax: +48-22-633-3940

First Loan given: 1995

Geographical area served: Poland

Credit Programme:
Lending model: group, individual, and rotational
Loan period: 3 months
Average first loan: US$ 1,700
Average loan: US$ 1,500
Repayment rate: 98%
Effective interest rate: 35%

     From the Microcredit Summit - Institutional Profiles

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