. Foundation for the Development of Polish Agriculture (FDPA)

Mission statement: To create alternatives for Rural Women, in the most economically depressed areas of rural Poland, through acces to training and credit.

Target Group: Number of borrowers - 281
75 percent of borrowers are women.
25 percent of first-time borrowers are below poverty line.
Projected number of borrowers in 1997: 350

Savings, Training, and other Services: All clients must attend a microbusiness training programme, including sales and marketing, law and taxation, financial planning, and credit. Training in self-esteem, enterpreneurship, and market economy principles is also available

First Loan given: 1994

Geographical area served: Poland

Credit Programme:
Lending model: Individual
Loan period: 6 months and one year
Average first loan: US$3,000
Average loan: US$ 37,000
Repayment rate: 98%
Effective interest rate: 17%

Elzbieta Dec, Deputy Director
Czerniakwska 73/76
Warsaw, 00-718 - Poland
Tel: +48-22-651-1961
Fax: +48-22-412 102
Email: fdpa@ikp.atm.com.pl
Web: http://www.fdpa.org.pl/indexen.html

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