Kenyan Rural Enterprise Programme (K-REP), Kenya
The Kenya Rural Enterprise Programme (K-REP) was established in 1984, and in 1987 became a local NGO which works in rural as well as urban areas. K-REP is both a support and funding organization for other Kenyan NGOs doing informal sector lending and an intermediary institution with its own microfinance programme. K-REP is a private microfinance institution registered as a Company Limited by Guarantee. K-Rep's mission is to facilitate poverty alleviation by developing systems and institutions that will enable poor people to organize their lives financially. K-REP's activities include microfinancial services, research, innovations, product development, information dissemination, and consulting services.

K-REP operates two loan programs for micro and small entrepreneurs, Juhudi and Chikola. The Juhudi methodology involves groups of small groups: each Juhudi group consists of four to seven smaller groups, which consist of three to eight individuals. The Chikola loan program works through existing rotating savings and credit self-help groups that are comprised of individual microentrepreneurs.

Recently, K-REP has established a commercial bank that will assume its microfinance operations. The bank will be owned by K-REP, the International Finance Corporation (IFC), Shorebank Corporation, FMO, Triodos Doen and the African Development Bank.

K-REP also contributes to the development of the microfinance industry by providing a wide range of support services for individuals, organizations and other bodies. These services include courses in microcredit operations, management, and information systems, and consultant services to design and implement sustainable microfinance institutions. K-REP also has one of the most extensive resource centers for microfinance in Africa.

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