Scholarly Papers Series: AFRICA
Instructions to Authors

The Scholarly Papers Series is essentially a forum where original ongoing research on African developmental issues is shared with a wide audience using the internet as a means of dissemination.

Papers are invited for the Africa Scholarly Papers Series Section. Efforts will be made to peer review submitted papers, based on the availability of reviewers for the particular topic. Invited topics are deliberately kept broad and include social and human developmental issues, poverty, microfinance etc.

Interested researchers will need to send -
  1. An electronic verison of the paper:
    You can send it as an email attachment. It can be in any format - MS Word, Wordperfect etc. If you have figures etc., they may also be sent as attachments. Photos etc. may be sent by mail (to my address given below) and will be scanned and returned.

  2. A hard copy of the complete paper:
    This can be sent by post. This will be used for formatting the HTML files.

  3. Citation format to be used for the series:

    Author, "title"
    Scholarly Papers Series - number: Africa.
    Tokyo: Dept. of Social Engineering, Tokyo Institute of Technology, year.

Contact Address:
Dr. Hari Srinivas
Department of Social Engineering
Tokyo Institute of Technology
2-12-1, Ookayama, Meguro-ku,
TOKYO - 152, Japan
Tel: +(81-3) 5734-3191
Fax: +(81-3) 5734-3199

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