The Environmental Colours of Microfinance

Microfinance and Microenterprises
Microfinance is a 'common dinominator' for a microenterpreneur against which many other developmental actions depend. Access to good quality and quantity of credit has enabled the generation of innovative solutions in technology, manufacturing and marketing processes. These solutions have also been cost-effective. Due to the very nature in which microenterprises are structured, use of sustainable and appropriate technology has ensured that minimal waste has been generated, with many by-products recycled for other uses.

Contrary to popular belief, microenterprises have used goods and processes that are environmentally 'light' and sustainable. Many extensively depend on recycled and other 'waste' products as raw materials. It has to be understood that sustainability and appropriateness of a microenterpise's processes and products are a way of life, more than an induced concept.

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