TOWARD SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT IN THE AMERICAS June 1996 Draft Presented by the Bolivian Government to the Organization of American States (OAS) in preparation for the December 1996 Hemispheric Summit. A) IMPROVING OUR HUMAN RESOURCES BY EXPANDING OPPORTUNITIES 21. The following priorities have been identified as vehicles for enhancing our human assets so that we can attain greater social justice for all our people: (... ... ... ) 3) Increase Opportunities for Self-Employment through Micro-enterprises 24. Given the fact that nearly one in three jobs in Latin America and the Caribbean are created by micro-enterprises and small businesses, it is imperative that we strengthen this sector by increasing and facilitating access to financial resources and services, by improving training, and by disseminating technologies that contribute to ecoefficiency and competitiveness. Finance and Financial Services. Create incentives for banks to enter the field of micro-finance, and to design and develop lending procedures apt to the needs of micro-entrepreneurs. Regulations. Level the playing field for micro-entrepreneurial activity by correcting the tax system, by simplifying licensing requirements, and by changing those policies concerning labor, pricing and spending that discriminate against micro-entrepreneurs. Ecoefficiency and Competitiveness. Set in place policies and regulations that foster the adoption of environmentally-sound technologies so that waste is reduced while efficiency and competitiveness are improved.