Grameen Bank, Bangladesh

16 Decisions: Implication for Credit Programmes

  • Self-help and mutual aid

  • Autonomy of the bank

  • Subsidiary/no free services

  • Respect for social structures/no standard internal by-laws

  • Economic potential

  • Replying on one's own resources/no loans without savings

  • Representativity and responsability of leaders

  • Openness in management and decision-making procedures

  • Savings culture/regularity/faithfulness

  • Cross-fertilization through exchange of ideas

Bedard, Guy (ed), Savings and Credit as Instruments of Self-Reliant Development of the Poor. Proceedings of an International Workshop held in Feldafing, January 25-28, 1988. Bonn: Deutsche Stiftung fur internationale Entwicklung (DSE), 208 pp.

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