Nikorn Rieng-ngern, Thailand
Nikorn Rieng-ngern of Surin Thailand has been weaving since she was a little girl. She stayed at home and wove because her parents did not want her to work in town, even though the family needed the money. "I used to weave silk and give some to my relatives for gifts, but after I married and had my own children, I began to sell my pieces." With her loans from the Small Enterprise Development Company, Nikorn buys the raw materials she uses in her weaving business. "Each piece costs me about 500 Baht (US$19) to make, and I make at least 400 Baht (US$15) profit per piece."

"Since joining the group I am proud of myself and have confidence and more respect from my family and others in the village. But the most important thing is that I and my family have a better quality of life -- knowing how to save, working in the group, helping each other, and setting a good example for my children and others by saving."

Name of microfinance programme: Small Enterprise Development Company Limited (SED)
Source: Microcredit Summit 1997 - Institutional Profiles.

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