Lastenia Lozano Flores, Peru
As a young girl, Lastenia Lozano Flores worked with her family as a day laborer weeding and harvesting on farms in Lima, Peru. Of the nine children in her family, four of them, including Lastenia, did not study because their father denied that they were his children, Lastenia married Anibal when she was fifteen, and they lived with their four children in a one room adobe house. Anibal worked selling coconuts and harvesting rice.

The Asociacion Beneficia Prisma gave the couple a loan of $300, which allowed them to plant rice of their own. With the money earned from their harvest they have opened a small store selling little necessities, such as soda, vegetables, and toiletries. Later, they received a second loan of $500 to expand their store. They are no longer lacking food and are not so worried about their future. They have been able to pay for Lastenia to have a gall bladder operation, a condition that she suffered from for many years. They were even able to put electricity in their house.

Name of microfinance programme: Asociación Benefica PRISMA
Source: Microcredit Summit 1997 - Institutional Profiles.

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