Kate, Swaziland
Kate lives with her six children in a rural, drought-stricken area of Swaziland. Her husband works in a mine in South Africa and comes home twice a year. She could not afford to send all of her children to school, and did not have enough food or clothing for the whole family. She was forced to work long days in the fields ploughing maize to feed her children.

One day Lulote's staff visited Kate's region to educate people on the services the provide. Kate came forward and expressed interest in starting a small project that would enable her to generate income to uplift her family's standard of living. Kate attended a three-day poultry modular course and received a US$500 loan.

Kate raised 300 broilers and after six weeks sold the whole batch to a local firm. She continued raising and selling broilers and began selling eggs. Kate's business has been a great success. She pays herself US$350 per month, and can feed, clothe, and pay for the school fees of her children.

Name of microfinance programme: LULOTE-BMEP
Source: Microcredit Summit 1997 - Institutional Profiles.

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