Neka, Nigeria
Neka is a mother of five from Anambra State, Nigeria. She lost her husband, the sole breadwinner in the family, in 1990. A typical young Nigerian homemaker, she had never worked or earned any income.

After her husband's death, Neka could not afford to feed her children. She depended on her neighbors and friends for one meal a day and clothes for her family. Occasionally she engaged in menial jobs just to earn a small amount of money. Neka and her family were living in abject poverty when she first heard of the Ojoto Network of Home Industries.

She got her first loan of US$50 that she used to open a restaurant. In six months she repaid the loan and got another for US$100. Barely a year later, Neka's business is booming and she plans on expanding to other areas. Her five children are now in school and her whole family is enjoying a better life with a steady income.

Name of microfinance programme: Ojoto Network of Home Industries
Source: Microcredit Summit 1997 - Institutional Profiles.

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