Flora Matiasi, Malawi
More than one-third of the borrowers in FINCA's village banking program in Malawi are the sole supporters of their family. Flora Matiasi and her six children live in a one-room hut. In the past, Flora struggled to feed her children. With the increased income from her growing business she has been able to feed them regularly and pay their school fees. Flora received a loan from F1NCA to assist her in expanding her "mandazi" (a donut-like confection) business. With her loans from the local FlNCA village bank, she has been able to buy raw materials in bulk, at a better price. As a result she can produce, sell, and earn more. So far, Flora has accumulated US$540 in savings -- nearly ten times the amount of her first FINCA loan.

Name of microfinance programme: FINCA Malawi
Source: Microcredit Summit 1997 - Institutional Profiles.

Hari Srinivas - hsrinivas@gdrc.org
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