Stella Talata Naab, Ghana
Madam Stella Talata Naab's mother died when she was about five years old. Her father handed her over to one of his other wives, who made her life difficult and did not allow her to attend school. Her father died when she was twelve. She was married at seventeen, to a man who already had three wives, so that her brothers could receive her dowry.

When Stella joined NIDEP, she had three children and was pregnant with a fourth. She and her children were suffering &om chronic hunger and poverty. She took her first loan of 60,000 cedis (US$34) and invested in goat rearing. She bought five nanny-goats and at the end of the loan period, one year later, she had thirteen goats. Stella sold six of the goats to repay the loan, leaving her with seven goats to continue on her own. Stella now has enough food for herself and her children, and is able to pay school fees for all of her children.

Name of microfinance programme: Namalteng Integrated Development Programme (NIDEP)
Source: Microcredit Summit 1997 - Institutional Profiles.

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