Corposol - Finansol : diagnosis of a crisis in the world of microfinance

Marc Labie

The Corposol - Finansol case seems to me a very interesting one for anyone interested in the viability of microfinance institutions because after having obtained success and fame in the microfinance field, it has experienced a huge crisis which led to the bankruptcy of Corposol (the original NGO) and a deep restructuring of Finansol (the financial institution created by the NGO).

What I present here is a brief summary of the major conclusions made on this case in my Ph.D.

Labie, Marc (1997), «La perennite des systemes financiers decentralises specialises dans le credit aux petites et micro-entreprises. Etude du cas Corposol - Finansol en Colombie» Dessertation Thesis, Business Administration, Universite de Mons Hainaut, Belgium
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