Lending Model:

Intermediary model of credit lending positions a 'go-between' organization between the lenders and borrowers. The intermediary plays a critical role of generating credit awareness and education among the borrowers (ncluding, in some cases, starting savings programmes. These activities are geared towards raising the 'credit worthiness' of the borrowers to a level sufficient enough to make them attractive to the lenders.

The links developed by the intermediaries could cover funding, programme links, training and education, and research. Such activities can take place at various levels from international and national to regional, local and individual levels.

Intermediaries could be individual leanders, NGOs, microenterprise/microcredit programmes, and commercial banks (for government financed programmes). Lenders could be government agencies, commercial banks, international donors, etc.

Most models mentioned here invariably have some form of organizational or operational intermediary - dealing directly with microcredit, or non-financial services. Also called the 'partnership' model. Specifically see NGOs.