Sustainable Banking for the Poor(SBP)

Introduction to the Microfinance Institutions Contact List
In order to compile the Worldwide Inventory of Microfinance Institutions  in 1995, a list of nearly 1000 institutions was put together, complete with contact information. This list is provided here, sorted out by continent, for your best use. We can unfortunately not guarantee that all the information is still correct as many countries have recently changed their dialing systems and some institutions have changed staff and/or numbers.


Country                    Project                                        Contact 

Algeria Caisse Nationale d'Epargne et de Prevoyance phone: 2132-713353 fax: 2132-717022 Angola Banco de Poupanca e Credito (BPS) phone: 2442-391-580 fax: 2442-33-71-37 Benin Africa Cultures International Institute Akande Olofinji phone: 229-31-4534 fax: 229-31-3809 Cotonou Benin Caisse Mutuelle Gibrilla Taofic Taofic Gibrilla fax: 302062 Benin Caisses de Crédit Agricole du Benin Alain Agnikpe fax: 229-31-5828 Benin Caisses Urbaine d'Epargne et de Credit de Cosijin Sjakke phone: 300619 Femmes Benin Caisses Urbaines/Rurales d'Epargne et de Justin Singbo phone: 313046 Credit Benin CBDIBA (Centre Béninois pour le Développement Patrice Lovesse, administrateur des Projets phone: des Initiatives à la Base) (229) 51-04-85 fax: (229) 51-07-33 Benin FECECAM phone: 229-31-51-20 or 31-03-88 fax: 229-31-58-82 Cotonou Benin PADME (Projet d'Appui au Développement des Ross Croulet phone: 229-31-0545 fax: 229-31-0685 Micro-Entreprises) Benin PBC CRS/Cathwell (Projet de Banques David Leege, représentant phone: 229-31-36-52 or Communautaires) 31-22-20 fax: 229-31-26-58 Benin Projet Agricole SASAKAWA Global 2000 Marcel Galiba, directeur phone: 229-30-06-37 fax: 229-30-18-77 Benin Projet de Developpement Integre Jean Jacob fax: 821405 Benin SNV (Organisation Néerlandaise de M. Jos Hoenen, directeur phone:(229) 31-31-42 or Développement) 31-21-22 fax: (229) 31-35-59 Benin Songhai Center Per (Father) Mzamugoe phone: 229-21-5092 fax: 229-21-2050 Porto-Novo Botswana BOSCCA (Botswana Savings & Credit Association) manager phone: 267-35-3432 fax: 267-35-1657 Botswana Botswana Cooperative Bank Dr. H. Tlale phone: 37-1398 fax: 35-2396 Botswana Co-operation for Research Co-operation Mr. Seth Sekate phone: 267-323865 fax: 267-323971 or 267-314311 Botswana RIIC (Rural Industries Innovation Centre) Ms. G.N. Gaanamotse phone: 267-340392 fax: 267-340642 Botswana WFHB (Women's Finance House of Botswana) Mr. Sherman O. Selepe phone: 267-3-71411 fax: 267-3-04176 Burkina ADESSI phone: 413051 fax: 302629 Faso Burkina ADRK (Association de Developpement de Region Baffo Edgar phone: 453229 or 30 Faso Kaya) Burkina Association Vive le Paysan Andre-Eugene Ilboudo phone: 226-31-1636 or 30-4035 Faso fax: 226-30-5280 Burkina Caisses Villageoises d'Epargne et de Crédit Mr. Evriviadis Cabiotis, chef de projet phone: Faso Autogérées de la Sissili 226-41-30-93 Burkina Caisses Villageoises d'Epargne et de Crédit Mr. Laurent Mege, chef de projet phone: 223-55-10-19 Faso Autogérées du Soum Burkina CIDR phone: 413093 Faso Burkina CNCA Rasmane Ouedraogo or Gilbert Some phone: 30-24-88 Faso or 30-24-89 Ouagadougou Burkina FAARF (Fonds d'Appui aux Activités Abou Tall phone: 226-31-15-93 fax: 226-31-04-70 Faso Rémunératrices des Femmes) Burkina FFB Mme. Poussy Madeleine phone: 308130 Faso Burkina INERA phone: 226-36-20-18 fax: 226-30-09-84 Ouagadougou Faso Burkina PRODIA (Promotion de Développement Industriel, Mamudou Oeudaogo phone/fax: 30-26-29 Faso Artisanal, et Agricole) Burkina RCPB (Réseau des Caisse Populaires du Burkina Célestine Toé, program manager, Alpha Ouedrago, Faso Faso) director phone: 226-304-841 or 97-22-41 fax: 226-304-910 or 97-20-42 Burkina Sahel Action Jacques Marzin phone: 226-31-60-53 fax: 216-3076-17 Faso in Ougadougou or Ms. Bibata Boly phone and fax: 226-5503-51 Ouahigouya Burkina Save the Children Oliver Wilder phone: 226-30-64-38 fax: 31-71-44 Faso Ougadougou Burkina Six S Diallo Omuarou phone: 226-55-0411 or 55-0110 fax: Faso 226-38-0199 Burkina Tontine Nouna Henriette Konaté phone: 225-53-70-54 or 28 fax: Faso 537051 Nouna Burkina UCECB (Union des Coopératives d'Epargné et de Mme. Iboudo M.F. Rita Lamoukry, directrice phone: Faso Crédit Burkinabé) 226-97-2241 or 90414 fax: 226-97-2042 or 0414 Bobo-Dioulasso now split into two institutions Burkina Wend Panga Faso Burkina World Relief Siaka Tien phone: 226-3-2205 fax: 266-3-3130 Faso Ouagadougou Burundi Tontine Rohero Barancira Domitille phone: 226101 fax: 213855 Cameroon APECCAM Mr. Belibi Benedict phone: 237-23-40-95 fax: 237-23-54-02 Cameroon Association pour le Soutien et L-appui à la Gisele Yitamsen phone: 237-30-8690 fax: 237-42-2970 Femme Entrepreneur Cameroon CamCCUL (Cameroon Cooperative Credit Union Shey Denis Maimo, director phone: 237-36-1677 or League) 361-777 fax: 237-36-1637 Cameroon CCEI Bank (Fast Cash and MC2 Boniface Kacyem, directeur general adjoint phone: program--Mutuelles Communautaires de 237-225837 fax: 237-221785 Croissance) Cameroon COBAC Services Centraux BEAC Mr. Adam Madi, Secrétaire Général phone: 237-23-40-60 fax: 237-23-33-29 Cameroon Opportunities Industrialization Centers Martin Mokube phone: 237-32-2586 fax: 237-32-22-32 International or 32-26-30 or 237-32-2673 Buea Cape Verde Caixa de Crédito Rural Patricio Varela phone: 651623 fax: 651583 Cape Verde Caixa Economica de Cabo Verde Sergio Santos phone: 238-61-55-61 fax: 238-61-55-60 or 60-60 Central African Development Foundation Marie-Noelle Koyara phone: 611025 fax: African 011-236-614716 Bangui Republic Central VITA Micro-Enterprise Scheme (600) Graham Owen phone: 236-61-2683 fax: 236-61-7461 African Republic Chad OXFAM Sarah Westcott phone: 51-60-58 fax: 515884 N'Djamena Chad VITA Private Enterprise Dev. Project Mr. Evariste Kebba phone: 235-51-4148 fax: 235-51-5045 Comoros Caisse Nationale d'Epargne des Comoros phone: 269-74-43-00 fax: 269-73-70-79 or 22-22 Comoros Projet Sanduk Olivier Macs, chef de projet phone: 269-73-2460 Cote ANAC-CI (Association Nationale des Crep et Krass Kouamé, directeur phone: 225-41-0811 or d'Ivoire Coopec de Côte d'Ivoire) 45-5851 fax:225-41-0805 Cote CECI Pierre Lessard phone: 32-55-75 fax: 32-66-99 d'Ivoire Abidjan Cote CREP/COOPEC (SDID) Mr. Philippe Sarlievre, directeur general phone: d'Ivoire 410811 fax: 410805 Cote FIDI M. Soungalou Traore (Pres.) phone: (225) 22 42 93 d'Ivoire fax: (225) 22 41 74 Cote Société Ivoirienne de la Poste et de l'Epargne phone: 225-34-71-06 fax: 225-34-71-07 d'Ivoire Egypt ACDI Egypt Alexandria Businessmen's Association Nabil Elshami fax: 20-13-482-9576 or 483-2390 Egypt Biyad Village Program Egypt Community Initiated Development (CARE) Daniel Coster or Earl Goodyear or Mike DeVries, Assistant Country Director or Doc Coster, Program Manager phone: 202-392-0806 fax: 202-393-5650 Egypt CRS Nagdi Zaki Sidhom phone: 3541360 or 355-8034 fax: 356-0091 Egypt Egyptian Small Enterprise Development Mustafa Yassir fax: 20-2-348-7319 Egypt National Bank for Development Abdel Fattah Salem phone: 202-354-8315 fax: 202-355-9709 Egypt NCBA Environmental Quality International Fernando Cruz Villalba phone: 011-20-2-341-7879 fax: 202-341-3331 Egypt OXFAM Elizabeth Taylor phone: 393-2031 fax: 39-11-783 Ethiopia ActionAid Tom Joseph, director phone: 251-1-654-675 fax: 251-1-654-650 Ethiopia Africa Village Academy Kibre Dawit phone: 2511-1-201683 fax: c/o 2511-1-516485 Ethiopia Christian Children's Fund Mr. K Abebe phone: 251-1-61-2865 or 3426 fax: 251-1-61-2866 or 51-7454 Ethiopia Construction and Business Bank phone: 251-1-51-23-00 fax: 251-1-51-28-26 Ethiopia Farm Africa Dairy Goat Scheme Christie Peacock (England) at Farm Africa phone: 44-171-430-0440 fax: 430-0460 Ethiopia Gemini Trust Dr. Carmella Abate phone: 2511-1-151947 fax: c/o 2511-1-516485 Ethiopia Indigenous Savings Schemes (SOS Sahel) Judith Sandford (England) phone: 011-44-171-837 9129 fax: 837-0856 Ethiopia Towns Market Dv. Ethiopia World Vision Tsega Mariam phone: 251-1-611-704 or 3 fax: 251-1-611-822 or 610-951 Ghana 31st December Women's Movement Irene Steele-Dadzie phone: 221-470 or 230-366 fax: 220-303 Ghana ActionAid Billy Abimbilla or Nigel Ede phone: 21-224788 fax: 224-788 Ghana African Development Foundation Jonathan Oturoku telex: 3047 BTH Ghana Association of Rural Banks of Ghana Ghana Citi Savings and Loans Mr. T. Enin or Christine Dadson, executive director phone: 233-21-778805phone/fax: 233-21-772-409 Ghana CRS Ms. Shelly A. Dady phone: 233-21-776-188 fax: 229-312-658 Ghana CUA (Ghana Cooperative Credit Union Ben. Yeboah Agyemang phone: 233-21-22-0299 fax: Association) 233-23-1718 Ghana Freedom from Hunger/Ghana Francis Beinpuo, director phone: 233-21-774-828 fax: 233-21-773-587
Ghana          Labadi Town Community Bank Project 
Ghana          MOFA/IFAD-Lagosrep                                  Mr. E.O. Otupiri  phone: 233-72-23184 or 23106  fax:   


Ghana          MOFA/IFAD-SRDP                                      Mr. Adongo  phone: 233-72-22324 or 22779  fax:         


Ghana          MOFA/IFAD/SCIMP                                     Mr. Dumenu  phone: 51-24704  fax: 51-26358             

Ghana          National Board for Small Scale Industries,          Dr. E.K. Abaka or R.A. Hinson  phone: 233-21-668-641   

               Ministry of Trade and Industries                    fax: 233-21-669-707                                    

Ghana          Opportunities Industrialization Centre              Stella Dzidzienyo  phone: 233-21-220176  fax:          

                                                                   233-21-777118  Accra                                   

Ghana          Sasakawa - Global 2000                              Wayne Haag  fax: 773-467 or 774-338                    

Ghana          SIC (State Insurance Corporation)  "Money                                                                  

               Back" program--susu                                                                                        

Ghana          Women's Revolving Loan Fund CUSO                                                                           

Ghana          World Vision                                        Joe Riverson  fax: 773-1737                            

Ghana          WWB/Ghana (Friends of Women's World Banking         Ebenezer Arthur phone: 233-21-667-748  fax:            

               Ghana)                                              233-21-668-336 or 667-398                              

Guinea         African Development Foundation                      Mr Mamadi Kourouma  phone: 224-412098  fax:            

                                                                   224-412088  Conakry                                    

Guinea         Crédit Mutuel de Guinée                             Mr. Jean Claude Noir  phone: 224-41-35-33  fax:        


Guinea         Crédit Rural                                        Mr. Jean Paul Bustin or Mr. Alpha M.D. Barry  phone:   

                                                                   224-413171  fax: 224-411278                            

Guinea         Opportunities Industrialization Centers             phone: 46-4492  fax: 224-44-4803  Conakry              


Guinea         VITA Dev. Project (PRIDE)                           Paul Rippey or Mohammad Shah  phone/fax: 224-41-4830   

Guinea         Banco Internacional de Guiné Bissau, Sarl.          phone: 245-21-36-62  fax: 245-20-10-33                 


Kenya          ActionAid                                           Salil Shetty, director or John Abuya  phone:           

                                                                   254-2-440-444 or 0  fax: 254-2-445-843                 

Kenya          Adventist Development and Relief Agency             phone: 254-2-566031  fax: 254-2-580454                 


Kenya          Busia Women Groups                                  Theresa Masinde  phone: 254-3362-2044  fax:            


Kenya          CARE (WED)                                          Ralph Hazelton, director, or Muhoro Ndungu, SEAD       

                                                                   coordinator  phone: 254-2-72-4674 or 4667  fax:        


Kenya          Christian Children's Fund                           Ms. Margery Kabuya  or Nahazhonn M Macharia phone:     

                                                                   254-2-44-4890 or 4893  fax: 254-2-44-4426              

Kenya          Christian Industrial Training Centre                Johnson Muchira  phone: 254-2-762485  fax:             


Kenya          Cooperative Bank of Kenya                           phone: 228453  fax: 254-2-336073                       

Kenya          Dajara Trust                                        phone: 252-2-721021  fax: 252-2-720105                 

Kenya          ECLOF                                               Mr. Luke Kinoti, programme director  phone: 2 719-779  

                                                                    fax: 2-719-918                                        

Kenya          Faulu Africa (Food for the Hungry)                  Ted Vail  phone: 254-2-56-93-28 or 56-75-03  fax:      


Kenya          Kenya Rural Enterprise Programme                    Mr. Kimanthi Mutua or Mr. Aleke Dondo phone:           

                                                                   254-2-722-792 or 720-173  fax: 254-2-711-645           

Kenya          Kenya Women's Finance Trust (WWB)                   Dr. Jennifer Riria-Ouko, managing director  phone:     

                                                                   254-2-213375 or 712823 or 712903  fax: 254-2-723883    

Kenya          KUSCCO (Kenya Union of Savings & Credit             James Bango, managing director  phone: 254-2-33-8866   

               Cooperatives)                                       fax: 254-2-211337                                      

Kenya          National Bank of Kenya                              phone: 226471 or 339690  fax: 02-330784                

Kenya          PRIDE                                               Jonathan Campaigne or Mrs. Grace Oloo  phone:          

                                                                   254-2-749-504  fax:254-2-745363 or 750314              

Kenya          Tototo Home Industries                              phone: 254-11-221004  fax: 254-11-221895               

Kenya          Victoria Finance Co.                                phone: 254-2-228732 or 225767  fax: 254-2-229548       

Lesotho        Africa Cooperative Savings and Credit                                                                      


Lesotho        LCCUL (Lesotho Coop CU League)                      manager  phone: 266-31-2760                            

Lesotho        Lesotho Township Co-operative                       Mrs. Mokhesi  phone: 266-322780  fax: c/o 266-310237   

Lesotho        Opportunities Industrialization Centers             phone: 266-23119  fax: 266-31-0330  Maseru             


Lesotho        Village Workshop and Revolving Fund Project                                                                

Liberia        LCUNA (Liberia Credit Union National                director  phone: 231-27-1448                           


Madagascar     Associations d'epargne et de Crédit Autogérées      Mr. Jean-Pierre Vandenbroucke, chef de projet  fax:    

               de Marovoay                                         261-629-365                                            

Madagascar     BTM (National Rural Development Bank)               Mr. Samuel Razafinimpanana  phone: 261-2-202-51  fax:  


Madagascar     Research and Applications for Alternative           phone: 261-2-23841  fax: 261-2-33864                   

               Financing and Development                                                                                  

Madagascar     SIPEM                                               Mr. Alphonse Ralison (Pres.) phone: (261.2) 338 98     

                                                                   fax: (261.2) 338 64 Antananarivo, Madagascar           

Madagascar     Vola Mahasoa                                        Mr. Philippe Couteau, chef de projet  fax:             


Malawi         Malawi Mudzi Fund (IFAD)/ Malawi Rural Finance      M.M. Nyirenda (Mrs.) or Geoffrey Kumwenda  phone:      

               Company                                             265-522-528  fax: 742249                               

Malawi         MUSSCCO (Malawi Union of Savings & Credit           phone: 265-74-0396 or 388 or 441  fax: 265-74-0441     


Malawi         SACA / Malawi Rural Finace Company                  Silas Murotho, administrator  fax: 742-249             

               (Smallholder Agricultural Credit                                                                           


Malawi         SEDOM (Small Enterprises Development                S.E. Mapunda  phone: 636555 or 636536  fax: 636781     

               Organisation of Malawi)                             Blantyre                                               

Malawi         World Vision                                        Nelli N'yangba phone: 265-670-311 or 651-358  fax:     

                                                                   265-672-030 or 671-251                                 

Malawi         WWBMA (Women's World Banking Malawi)                phone: 265-622-702  fax: 265-671-868                   

Mali           AIFEM (Association Pour l'Integration de la         phone: 223-225814  fax: 223-228-8553                   

               Femme Dans l'Economie Malienne)                                                                            

Mali           Caisses Villageoises d'Epargne et de Crédit         Mr. Paul Henri PICOT, chef de projet  phone:           

               Autogérées de la Première règion (Projet Kita)      223-57-31-45                                           

Mali           Caisses Villageoises d'Epargne et de Crédit         Mr. Adama Kodio, responsable du service  phone:        

               Autogérées du Pays Dogon                            223-42-01-77                                           

Mali           Kafo Jiginew                                        Monsieur Alou Sidibe  phone: 223-64-00-11  fax:        

                                                                   64-00-11 or 64-01-55                                   

Mali           OXFAM                                               Tiemoko Sangare  phone: 22-27-77  telex: 1200 Cabine   

                                                                   Publique  Bamako                                       

Mali           Rural Group Enterprises and Credit Guarantee        Curtiss Reed phone: 011-223-224-064  fax:              

               (NCBA)  " Mali Haute Valee Cooperative Dev.         011-223-223-410                                        


Mali           UCOVEC (Save the Children)                          Peter Lahorn, director or Michelle Poulton  phone:     

                                                                   223-22-6134  fax: 223-22-0808 ot 0291                  

Mauritania     IDM                                                 Mr. Lamine Diack (Dir.)  phone: (222.2) 56 121  fax:   

                                                                   (222.2) 56 122                                         

Mauritius      MACOSCLE (Mauritius Cooperative Savings and         André Fanny, manager  phone: 230-212-4380              

               Credit League)                                      fax:230-212-4380                                       

Morocco        Association Oued Srou (CRS)                                                                                

Morocco        Banque de Credit Populaire                                                                                 

Morocco        Caisse d'Epargne Nationale Marocaine                phone: 212-7-70-20-91  fax: 212-7-70-53-62             

Morocco        CNCA                                                                                                       

Morocco        CRS AMSED (l"Association Marocaine de                                                                      

               Solidarite et Developpement)                                                                               

Mozambique     Banco Popular de Desenvolvimento                    phone: 258-1-42-10-11  fax: 258-1-42-34-70             

Mozambique     General Union of Co-op                              Mrs. Celina Cossa  phone: 258-1-430101  fax:           


Mozambique     World Relief Community Banking                                                                             

Namibia        NACUL (Namibia Credit Union League)                 Gift Kazombaue, manager  phone: 264-61-21-7577  fax:   

                                                                   264-61-21-5699 or 61-33261                             

Niger          AFELEN                                              phone: 227-74-18-21  fax: 227-74-18-12                 

Niger          African Development Foundation                      Mahamane Ibrah  phone: 722-003  Niamey                 

Niger          Caisse Populaire d'Epargne et du Crédit             Pierre, technical  phone: 227-510-329                  

Niger          CARE (BRK, Maradi, Women on the Move)               Mike Godfrey, director, Colin Beckwith, Ass. Country   

                                                                   Director  phone: 227-74-03-70 or 227-7407-55 or        

                                                                   227-7335-21 (contacted by Tom Dichter)                 

Niger          Innovations et Reseaux pour le Developpement        Issaka Doulaya Maiga, director  phone: 227-733-527     

                                                                   fax: 227-723-204  Niamey                               

Niger          MCPCC                                               phone: 41-06-98  Maradi                                

Niger          Rural Credit Service and Guarantees (NCBA)          Mr. Djibril Ba  phone/fax: 011-227-75-25-12            

               "Niger Rural Organizations Dev. Project"                                                                   

Niger          TAIMAKO                                             phone/fax: 227-73-53-04                                

Nigeria        Association of Professional Women Bankers                                                                  

Nigeria        Community Development Trust Fund                                                                           

Nigeria        COWAD (Community Women and Development)             Mrs. P. Patunde  Ibadan, Oyo state                     

Nigeria        COWAN (Country Women Association of Nigeria)        phone: 034-231945  fax: 034-231633  Akure, Ondo state  

Nigeria        DEC (Development Exchange Centre)                   Mrs. Hannah A. Yaro  phone: 077-42036   Bauchi         

Nigeria        FADU (Farmers' Development Union)                   telex 31334                                            

Nigeria        ISHO (Imo Self-Helf Organisation)                   Venerable Godson C. Echefu  phone: 083-520606          

                                                                   Nkwerre, Imo state                                     

Nigeria        LAPO (Lift Above Poverty)                           Mr. Godwin Ehigiamusoe  phone: 052-252427  fax: 23401  

                                                                   635056  Benin City, Edo state                          

Nigeria        NACCUN (Cooperative Credit Unions of Nigeria)       Salau Adebayo, executive secretary  phone:             


Nigeria        NASHO (Nalt United Self-Help Organisation)          Venerable David Ogbonna or Rev. Canon D.O. Ogbonna     

                                                                   phone: 042-770299  Nsukka, Enugu state                 

Nigeria        NCDTF (Nigerian Community Development Trust         phone: 01-497-4507  fax: 01-497-4508  Lagos            


Nigeria        Opportunities Industrialization Centre              Oladipo Alla   Lagos                                   

Nigeria        People's Bank of Nigeria                            MO Sokenu                                              

Nigeria        Waste to Wealth                                                                                            

Rwanda         DUTERIMBERE (WWB)                                   phone: 7-35-98  Kigali                                 

Rwanda         UIBR                                                fax: 31-382-36-05 or 250-72-461                        

Rwanda         Union des Banques Populaires du Rwanda              Vincent Kamanda  phone: 250-7-3559 or 73561  fax:      


Sao Tomé e     Caixa Popular de Sao Tomé e Principe                phone: 239-12-21811  fax: 239-12-21811                 


Sao Tomé e     Rural Group Enterprises & Credit Guarantees         Lou Miller  phone: 011-239-12-21230  fax:              

Principe                                                           011-239-12-21365                                       

Senegal        ACEP                                                Mr. Mayoro Loume  phone: 221-26-29-32  fax:            


Senegal        ADF (African Development Center)                    Yousseph Ba  phone: 222-429  Dakar                     

Senegal        AHDIS-HAIDS (Action Humain pour le                  Amacodou Diouf  phone: 221-25-7362  fax: 221-21-7444   

               Developpement Integre au Senegal)                   or phone/fax: 736093  Dakar                            

Senegal        CADEF                                               phone: 94-91-02                                        

Senegal        Christian Children's Fund                           Mr. Abdou Mbacke  phone: 221-24-2316 or 2315  fax:     

                                                                   221-24-60-09 or 23-89-29 (attention CCF)               

Senegal        CICM                                                phone: 221-51-12-37 or 23-52  fax: 221-51-20-59        


Senegal        CNCA                                                Fode Ndiagye  phone: 22-23-00  Dakar                   

Senegal        CONACAP (Conseil National pour la Promotion et      phone: 221-23-7288 or 9  fax: 221-25-3238              

               le Développement des Caisses Populaires au                                                                 


Senegal        Crédit Mutuel du Sénégal                                                                                   

Senegal        CVAG Podor                                          phone: 221-25-04-82  N'dioum                           

Senegal        EGABI Entente des Groupements Associes de                                                                  

               Birkelane (CRS)                                                                                            

Senegal        EGAN Entente des Groupements Associes de            phone: 221-2-36621  fax: 221-2-35824                   

               Nganda (CRS)                                                                                               

Senegal        FDEA                                                Ms. Marianne Thioye  phone: 221-230-058  fax:          


Senegal        FONGS                                               phone: 221-51-12-37 or 23-52  fax: 221-51-20-59        


Senegal        Mutelle des Pecheurs-Collectif National de          El Hadi Amadou Wade  phone: 221-32-01-61 or 21-43-39   

               Pecheurs Artisanaux du Senegal, Union des           fax: 221-21-45-09 or 321175 Dakar                      


Senegal        Office des Postes et de la Caisse d'Epargne du      phone: 221-23-10-15 or 21-32-42  fax: 221-23-78-92 or  

               Sénégal                                             10-15                                                  

Senegal        OXFAM                                               R.D. Givson  phone: 24-1900 or 25-1787  Dakar          

Senegal        Research and Applications for Alternative           phone: 221-2-55343  fax: 221-2-10470                   

               Financing for Development                                                                                  

Senegal        SOSEGAF (La Societé Senegalaise de Garanti          phone: 221-2-23848  fax: 221-2-32155                   

               d'Assistance et de Credit) (WWB)                                                                           

Seychelles     Seychelles Credit Union                             manager  phone: 248-32-2949  fax: 248-32-4115          

Sierra         African Development Foundation                      Nathaniel Bangura  phone: 22611  Freetown              


Sierra         Christian Children's Fund                           Dr. Joseph Conteh  phone: 232-22-22-3873  fax:         

Leone                                                              232-22-22-9365 or 4439                                 

Sierra         NASCCLOS (National Savings and Credit               manager  phone: 232-22-6287                            

Leone          Cooperative League of Sierra Leone)                                                                        

Sierra         WFT (Women's Finance Trust, Limited)                phone: 232-22-241-382                                  

Sierra         Yoni Rural Bank 

South          African Development Foundation                      Evariste Karangwa  phone: 74108  Kigali                


South          Community Banking Project                           phone: 27-11-332-8179  fax: 27-11-332-8154             


South          Get Ahead Foundation                                Don MacRobert, director or Yvonne Radinku or Sibusiso  

Africa                                                             Mpanza  phone: 012-320-6530 or 27-12-342-2186  fax:    


South          Get Up Lending Trust                                Ms. Lin Anderson  phone: 011-702-1158  fax:            

Africa                                                             011-468-2162                                           

South          SACCOL (Savings and Credit Cooperative League       general secretary  phone: 27-21-23-8360  fax:          

Africa         of South Africa)                                    27-21-23-8143                                          

South          Small Enterprise Foundation                         John de Wit, Director  phone: 0152-307-5837 fax:       

Africa                                                             0152-307-2977                                          

South          Standard Bank of South Africa                       Roy Polkinghorne phone: 27-11-636-1977  fax:           

Africa                                                             27-11-636-7027                                         

South          Women's Development Banking                         Z. Mbeki  phone: 27-11-726-4230  fax: 27-11-726-1938   


Sudan          ACORD Kassala (SUD/19)                              El Tayeb Yagoub  tlx: 0984 70700 PBK SD (Kassala)      

Sudan          ACORD Port Sudan (SUD/12)                           Ikhlas Gazim  phone: 010-249-31-3330 tlx: 0984 70032   

                                                                   Port Sudan                                             

Sudan          Agricultural Bank of Sudan (TechnoServe)                                                                   

Sudan          Save the Children                                   Tom Yates  phone: 47829 or 47838                       

Sudan          Savings and Social Development Bank                 phone: 249-11-774-358  fax: 249-11-785-037             

Swaziland      ISWFT (Inbita Swaziland Women's Finance Trust)                                                             

Swaziland      SASCCO (Swaziland Association of Savings and        CEO  phone: 268-4-0278                                 

               Credit Cooperative)                                                                                        

Tanzania       African Development Foundation                      Gilbert Maeda  phone: 3181 or 3161 ext: 2131  Arusha   

Tanzania       Community Development Trust Fund                    Mathias Chonya  phone: 255-51-31471 or 2  fax:         


Tanzania       Mennonite Econ. Dev. Ass.                           Peter Graham phone: 011-255-51-23-784  fax:            


Tanzania       MRCSW (Monduli Rural Credit Scheme for Women)       Lazarus Olemairouwa   Arusha                           

Tanzania       Presidential Trust Fund                             Mrs. Joyce Hamisi  phone: 255-51-29711  fax: c/o       


Tanzania       PRIDE                                               Jonathan Campaigne (Kenya)  phone: 254-2-749-504       


Tanzania       SCCULT (Savings and Credit Cooperative League       executive secretary  phone: 255-051-2-8236             

               of Tanzania)                                                                                               

Tanzania       Tanzania Housing Bank                               phone: 255-51-46-238 or 23-241  fax: 255-51-31-539 or  


Tanzania       Tanzania Postal Bank                                phone: 255-51-38-212  fax: 255-51-32-818               

Tanzania       Tree Crops Project (Cooperative and Rural                                                                  

               Development Bank)                                                                                          

The Congo      MUCODEC (Mutuelles Congolaises d'Epargne et de        phone: 242-83-7001  fax: 242-83-7930                 


The Congo      Save the Children                                   Malonga-Samba-Arsene or Sangou S.E. Aime, directeur    

                                                                   regional  phone: 242-82-8851  fax: 242-836-199         


The Gambia     AATG (ActionAid The Gambia)                         Malamin Sonko, director  phone: 220-392-420  fax:      

                                                                   220-392-425 (these numbers may be reversed)            

The Gambia     AFET (Association of Farmers, Educators and         phone: 220-48-46-11 or 44-54  fax: 220-48-41-00        

               Traders)                                            Serrekunda                                             

The Gambia     CRS                                                 Stephen Hilbert  phone: 220-27120 or 27121  fax:       

                                                                   220-27214 attn: CRS  Banjul                            

The Gambia     GRUDA (Gambia Rural Development Agency)             Mr. Kebra Bah                                          

The Gambia     GWFA (Gambia Women's Finance Association)           Grace Ausha Camara  phone: 220-293-310  fax:           


The Gambia     IBAS (Indigenous Business Advisory Service)         Mr. John Sylva  phone: 220-496-098                     


The Gambia     NACUG (National Association of Credit Unions        Chuga Joof, coordinator                                

               in the Gambia)                                                                                             

The Gambia     Save the Children                                   Marc Michaelson, Burang Danjo, or M. Diane Nell        

                                                                   phone: 220-28763 or 496626  fax: 220-496625  Banjul    

The Gambia     VISACA (Village Savings and Credit                  Mr. Hugues Ortolo, project manager  phone:             

               Associaitons of Gambia)                             220-37-30-12 or 220-67-80-00  fax: 220-39-09-69 or     

                                                                   220-67-80-04  Serrekunda                               

Togo           Caisse d'Epargne du Togo                            Lorempo Djagbare phone: 228-21-24-68  fax:             


Togo           FUCEC-TOGO (Fédération des Unions Coopératives      Kodzo K. Akémakou, Directeur  phone: 228-22-2574       

               d'Epargne et de Crédit du Togo)                     fax: 228-22-2570 or 21-78-25                           

Tunisia        Save the Children (Fondation Tunisienne Pour        Habib Khanfir  phone: 216-87-6084                      

               le Developpement Communautaire)                                                                            

Uganda         ACORD                                                                                                      

Uganda         Centenary (CERUDET)                                 Edward Muloosi (Pres.) phone: (256 41) 236 607  fax:   

                                                                   (256 41) 233 062 Kampala, Uganda                       

Uganda         Christian Children's Fund                           James Ameda, National director  phone: 256-41-27-0544  

                                                                   or 24-5352 fax:256-24-5353                             

Uganda         FINCA                                               Amy Davis or Joyce Kadowe phone/fax: (256)43-20058     

                                                                   public fax: 256-43-20138                               

Uganda         FORUD (Foundation for Rural Development)            Charles Mugambwa Kiiza  phone: 256-493-2203  fax:      


Uganda         Nile Bank (TechnoServe)                                                                                    

Uganda         Plan International                                                                                         

Uganda         PRIDE                                               Jonathan Campaigne (Kenya)  phone: 254-2-749-504       


Uganda         Rural Farmers Scheme- Uganda Comm. Bank                                                                    

Uganda         UCSCU (Uganda Cooperative Savings & Credit          Oluka Peter or Willington S.K. Makumbi, general        

               Union)                                              secretary  phone: 256-41-56-7445  fax:256-41-250-668   

                                                                   or  256-41-25-9130                                     

Uganda         Uganda Post Office Savings Bank                     Sibo Winston  phone: 256-41-58-551or 256-41-230049     

                                                                   fax: 256-41-24-59-07                                   

Uganda         UWFCT (Uganda Women's Finance and Credit            Nsimbg Nabisubi  or Sarah Mangali or Rebecca Nsimbe    

               Trust)                                              Nabisubi  phone: 256-41-241-275  fax: 256-41-258-571   

                                                                   or 256-412-551-44                                      

Uganda         Volunteer Efforts for Development Co-op             Mr. L. Galiwango  phone: 256-41-270598  fax: c/o SNV   

               (VEDCO)                                             256-41-220780                                          

Uganda         World Vision                                        Kofi Hagan 256-41-245-758  fax: 256-41-258-587         

Zaire          Caisse Générale d'Epargne du Zaire                  phone: 243-12-314-64                                   

Zaire          EMO - BARAKA, Union pour la Promotion du            W. Alimasi Bulangi - Esse  phone: 257-22-87-07  fax:   

               Paysan                                              257-22-06-10                                           

Zaire          Innovations et Reseaux pour le Developpement        Zihindula Ngombe-Ya Mwami  fax: c/o 250-37300 (cab     

               (IRED)                                              pub)                                                   

Zaire          Research and Applications for Alternative                                                                  

               Financing for Development                                                                                  

Zaire          UCCEC (Union des Coopératives Centrales             Secrétaire Exécutif  phone: 234-12-2-1791              

               d'Epargne et de Crédit au Zaire)                                                                           

Zambia         African Development Foundation                      Sithabile Ndiweni  phone: 795525 or 700249  Harare     

Zambia         CUSA-Zambia (Credit Union & Savings                 M.M. Milupi  phone: 260-1-22-8745 or 6  fax:           

               Association of Zambia)                              260-1-22-3837                                          

Zambia         Desai Revolving Fund Project (Young Women's                                                                

               Christian Council of Zambia)                                                                               

Zambia         Lima Bank LTD                                       V. Kasapato  phone: 228073 or 5  fax: 228077           

Zambia         National Savings & Credit Bank of Zambia            Mr. G.J. Chembe, director  phone: 2601-228-985  fax:   


Zambia         Village Industry Service                            Joyce Mapoma  phone: 260-1-228653 or 4  fax:           


Zambia         WFTZ (Women's Finance Trust of Zambia,              Ms. M.M. Yeta  phone: 260-1-227-335  fax:              

               Limited)                                            260-1-227-184                                          

Zambia         ZCF Finance Services Ltd                            Charles Chitembo  phone: 221628 or 261579  fax:        

                                                                   227335 or 261631                                       

Zambia         Zusa Senanga                                        Inonge Lewanika  phone: 260-1-225789  fax:             


Zimbabwe       AFC Zimbabwe Agricultural Finance Corporation)      Mr. Mutunhu, chief executive  phone: 2634-795811       

                                                                   fax: 2634-794932                                       

Zimbabwe       Barclays Bank of Zimbabwe Small Business            Mr. Thompson, manager  phone: 737619  fax:             

               Centre                                              2634-794369                                            

Zimbabwe       Collective Self-Finance Scheme                      phone: 263-4-729871 or 2  fax: none                    

Zimbabwe       Community and Cooperative Development Fund          Mr. A.C. Musanhu, deputy secretary  phone:             

                                                                   263-4-734691  fax: 2634-732709                         

Zimbabwe       CRS                                                 phone/fax: 263-4-792-072                               

Zimbabwe       NACSCUZ (National Association of Cooperative        manager  phone: 263-4-79-3815  fax: 263-4-73-9610      

               Savings & Credit)                                                                                          

Zimbabwe       ORAP                                                phone: 263-9-68588 or 31009  fax: 263-9-727127         

Zimbabwe       Paradise Investment Company                         Andrew Nyathi  phone: 263-4-722981  fax: c/0           


Zimbabwe       SEDCO (Small Enterprise Development                  A.Z. Mazvidza or Mr. Mtshani, general manager         

               Corporation)                                        phone: 792821  fax: 2634-796228                        

Zimbabwe       Self-Help Development Foundation (previously        phone: 263-4-572933  fax: none                         

               Savings Development Movement)                                                                              

Zimbabwe       Social Development Fund: Social Dimensions          Mr. S. G. Mihishi, coordinator  phone: 790871  fax:    

               Fund                                                2634-794568                                            

Zimbabwe       Zambuko Trust                                       Evans Maphenduka  phone: 263-4-730-096  fax:           


Zimbabwe       Zimbabwe Council of Churches                        phone: 263-4-791208  fax: none                         

Zimbabwe       Zimbabwe National Chamber of Commerce               Mr. Bidi, head of Small Business Section  phone:       

                                                                   753444  fax: 2634-753450                               

Zimbabwe       Zimbank Small Business Services Division            Mr. J. Maphosa, manager  phone: 731083  fax:           

               (Zimbabwe Banking Corporation Ltd)                  2634-754955 or 757497                                  

Zimbabwe       ZIMFEP (Zimbabwe Foundation for Education with      Mr. Nyengera, director  phone: 795677 fax:2634-731691  


Zimbabwe       ZWFT (Zimbabwe Women's Finance Trust, Limited)      Rufaro Maria Shambare phone: 263-4-50127 or 576303     

                                                                   fax: 263-4-708-248 or 263-4-723-198                    

Country                    Project                                        Contact 

Bangladesh (ASD) Assistance for Slum Dwellers Shihab Uddin Ahmed, director or Mr. Amzad Hossain phone: 318475 fax: 880-2-813095 attn: ASD Bangladesh ActionAid Southern Bang. project Ton van Zutphen, director phone: 880-2-811-763 fax: 880-2-813-264 Bangladesh ASA Stuart Rutherford is the former director of ActionAid-just did a study on ASA and could tell us who to contact phone: 880-2-819-986 fax: 880-2-816-442 Bangladesh BAWPA (Bangladesh Agricultural Working Mr. Nurur Rahman fax: 880-2-863794 Dhaka People's Association) Bangladesh BRAC Hassan Zaman or Fazle Hassan Abed, executive director phone: 880-2-884-180 to 187 fax: 880-2-883-542 or 614 Bangladesh CARE Mr. Fahmid Karim Bhuiya, project coordinator phone: 814-195 to 8 or 814-207 to 9 faxL 880-2-814-183 Bangladesh CCULB (Co-op CU League of Bangladesh) Ratan F. Costa or Sushil Stephen Halder, manager phone: 880-2-40-7771 fax: 880-2-84-1270 Bangladesh Christian Service Society (Enterprise Paul Munshi, director, phone: 011-880-41-20440 fax: Developement) 011-880-41-61220 Bangladesh Comilla Proshika Centre for Development Rahat Uddin Ahmed, executive director phone: 880-2-811-235 or 880-2-323-088 fax: 880-2-813014 Dhaka Bangladesh Community Health Care Project phone: 380-685 or 383-514 Bangladesh DORP (Development Organization of the Rural A.H.M. Noman, director or Mainuddin Ahmed phone: Poor) 508869 fax: 880-2-508869 Bangladesh Food for the Hungry Md. Hasan Mamun or Trent Eastman, Deputy Director phone: 880-2-610-826 fax: 880-2-883-278 Bangladesh Gono Shasthaya Kendra phone: 238-632 (Savar) or 411-568 or 500-720 (Dhaka) fax: 412-414 Bangladesh Grameen Bank M. Masud Isa or Muhammad Yunus phone: 880-2-801-082 or 080 fax: 880-2-803-559 or 880-02-801138 Bangladesh GUDSEK Zillur Rahman Khandoker phone: 813454 fax: 88-02-863087 Bangladesh PORDIPAN Ferdusor Rahman, director phone: 814847 fax: 880-2-813014 Bangladesh Proshika Manabik Unnayan Kendra Qazi Faruque Ahmed, executive director phone: (880-2) 315-068 or 9 fax: 805811 Dhaka Bangladesh Save the Children Tom Krift phone: 880-231-0934 Dhaka Bangladesh SCF's River Project S&C Scheme Bangladesh Shakti Foundation for Disadvantaged Women Humaira Islam phone: 880-2-313-914 or 880-2-312-650 fax: 880-2-831-961 or 880-2-815-386 attn Humaira Islam Bangladesh Strengthening Population Planning Through Mr. AK Mahbubul Bari, Project Director phone: 814667 Rural Womens Cooperatives Project. Bangladesh Use of Rural Mothers Centers for Population Ms. Raushan Rabbani, Project Director phone: 407224 Activities Cambodia ACLEDA (ILO) Prak Sokol Cambodia GRET Moni Ung or Rodolphe Pasquier-Desvignes or Pierre Thevenot phone/(fax?): (855) 15911435
Cambodia       Takeo (CRS) 
Cambodia       UNICEF                                              phone: 855 23 26284                                    

Cambodia       World Relief Cambodia                               Paul Luchtenburg  phone/fax: 855-23-26464 (or 64113    

                                                                   or 26461 for phone)                                    

China          FPC (CASHPOR)                                                                                              

China          IRED (Innovations et Reseaux pour le                Pr. Hao Shi Yuan  telex: 22061 cass cn                 


Gaza and       Agric. Coop. Union (ACU)--umbrella for 8                                                                   

West Bank      district marketing coops                                                                                   

Gaza and       Arab Development and Credit Company                 Mr. Tawfiq Habash, manager phone: 972-2-285277  fax:   

West Bank                                                          972-2-285766                                           

Gaza and       Jericho Agricultural Cooperative                                                                           

West Bank                                                                                                                 

Gaza and       Jericho Marketing Cooperative                       Mr. Ahmad Hashim El-Zghayer, chairman  phone/fax:      

West Bank                                                          972-2-9922722                                          

Gaza and       Save the Children                                   Randall Harshberger  phone: 972-2-833-683 or 836-302   

West Bank                                                          West Bank                                              

Gaza and       UN Works and Relief Agency                          Alex Pollock  phone: 972-7-861-195 or 6  fax:          

West Bank                                                          972-7-821-765  Gaza                                    

India          ActionAid                                           Amitava Mukherjee, director or Dr. Sukhwinder Singh    

                                                                   Arora  phone: 91-80-558-6682 or 564-682-83  fax:       


India          Activists for Social Alternatives                   Mr. S. Devaraj  phone: 91-431-25980                    

India          AKRSP (Aga Kahn Rural Support Programme)            Mr. Kapoor Rajesh or Barry Underwood, chief executive  

                                                                    phone: 00-91-79-427729 or 464730  fax:                


India          Annapurna Mahila Mandal                             Ms. Prema Purao (Bombay)                               

India          Asha Sadan                                                                                                 

India          ASSEFA                                              Mr. Loganathan  phone: 91-44-8275843 or 8240026  fax:  

                                                                   91 44-8275763                                          

India          AWAKE (Association of Women Entrepreneurs in        Sister Sabina phone/fax: 91-803-351-112                


India          Bridge Foundation                                   James Solomon, executive director phone/fax:           

                                                                   91-80-5466385   phone: 573562  fax: 91-80-5466455      

                                                                   telex: 0845-8705 TBF IN                                

India          Canara Bank                                                                                                

India          CDF (Cooperative Development Foundation)            Ms. Shashi Rajagopalan  phone: 040-564-643  fax:       


India          Childreach/India                                                                                           

India          Christian Children's Fund Bangalore                 Christopher Gojer, director, Raj Kakde, finance        

                                                                   manager  phone: 91-80-558-7157 or 8668  fax:           

                                                                   91-80-559-4271 or 558-2720 attention CCF               

India          Christian Children's Fund New Delhi                 Mr. Naval Dave  phone: 91-11-643-1480 or 641-8527      

                                                                   fax: 91-11-621-6931                                    

India          Community Development Society                                                                              

India          CUPCI (CU Promotion Committee)                      phone: 0842-241176 or 0842-237546  fax:                


India          Dharmapuri Women's Development Project              Dominick Warwale, chairman  fax: 91-11-543-4832        

India          Evangelical Fellowship of India                     phone: 11-6462449 or 6464350  fax: 91-11-6464350 or    


India          Federation of Thrift and Credit Association         phone: 94-842-528-903                                  

India          FWWB (Friends of Women's World Banking India)       Ms. Vijayalakshmi Das, executive director  phone/fax:  

                                                                   91-272-420-119 or 011-91-79-642-0119                   

India          Institute of Rural Management                       H.S. Shylendra  phone: 2692-40391 or 177  fax:         


India          Jeevan Jyoti FHP                                                                                           

India          Kadamalai Vattara Kalanjia                          c/o Narender Kande, PRADAN phone: 668619  fax:         


India          Katch Mahila Vikas Mandal                           Ms. Sushma Iyengar  phone: 02832 22124  fax: 91-2832   


India          Lokasiksha Parishad FHP                             Mrs. Usha Agarwal                                      

India          MYRADA (Mysore Resettlement and Development         Mr. Dwijadas Sarkar  phone: 9180-557-6166 or 572028    

               Agency)                                             fax: 9180-556-9982  Bangalore                          

India          NABARD (National Bank for Agricultural and          Yasmin Master  phone: 576166 or 572028                 

               Rural Development)                                                                                         

India          National Savings Branch                                                                                    

India          Non-Bank                                                                                                   

India          PMD (People's Multipurpose Development              phone: kedar 34  telex: PMDS KEDAR 34                  


India          PRADAN (Professional Assistance for                 K. Narender or M.P. Vasimalai, executive director      

               Development Actions)                                phone: 668619  fax: 91-0452-602-247  cable:            

                                                                   PROGRAMEEN  New Delhi                                  

India          Pushpkunj FHP                                                                                              

India          RASS (Rayalaseema Seva Samithi)                     Dr. Ramesh Nagrath  phone: 21428 or 20594  cable:      

                                                                   RASS  Tirupati                                         

India          RDO (Rural Development Organization)                Mr. W. Brajabidhu Singh  fax: 91-385-222936            

India          RYFO (Ryan Foundation                               phone: 235-1993  Madras                                

               International-Appropriate Technology                                                                       

               Informational Center)                                                                                      

India          SARTHI                                              Giriraj Singh  phone: 02674 83306                      

India          SHARAN                                              Mr. Mathew Titus                                       

India          SHARE                                                Mr. /E.C. Mall                                        

India          Shri Devi Lal Vyas/ Jan Shiksha Evam Vikas                                                                 

               Sangathan (PEDO)                                                                                           

India          SPARC (Society for the Promotion of Area            Sheela Patel, director  phone: 3096730  fax:           

               Resource Centres)                                   022-494-2115  Bombay                                   

India          Sri Padmavathy Mahila Abyudaya Sangam               c/o Narender Kande, PRADAN phone: 668619  fax:         


India          UTHAN                                               Ms. Nafisa Bharot  phone: 6751023  fax: 91-79-6754447  

India          Vaigai Vattara Kalanjiam                            c/o Narender Kande, PRADAN phone: 668619  fax:         


India          WERDAN (Women Entrepreneurs Resource                phone: 91-11-644-2888  fax: 91-11-683-27               

               Development Agency)                                                                                        

India          WWF                                                                                                        

India          Youth Charitable Organization                       M.S.R. Prem Kumar, exeuctive secretary  phone:         

                                                                   91-8924-51122  fax: 91-8924-51131  Yellamanchili       

India          SEWA (Self Employed Women's Association             Ela Bhatt or (Ms. Vijayalakshmi Das at FWWB            

(avg.          Cooperative Bank)                                   phone/fax: 91-272-420-119)   phone: 91 796-390-329     

loan $765)                                                         fax: 91-796-320-446                                    

Indonesia      Bank Bukopin, cooperative rural finance             Pak Karel Palallo  phone: 7998266 or 7998299  fax:     

               program                                             7980238                                                

Indonesia      Bank Dagang (Bali)                                  I Gusti Made Oka, director  phone: 270-0488 or         

                                                                   270-0499  fax: 0361-231-226                            

Indonesia      Bank DKI                                            Drs. Soeharto (President Director)  Fax:               


Indonesia      Bank Jatim                                          Mr. Moh. Zuhdi (President Director)  Fax:              


Indonesia      Bank Pasar (BPR)                                                                                           

Indonesia      BCA Bank Central Asia (private)                                                                            

Indonesia      BKD (Bank Kredit Desa-under BRI)                     Don Johnston phone: 62-21-570-3406   general phone:   

                                                                   223176 or 228714  fax:234796 or phone/fax:             


Indonesia      BKK (like a LDKP-Badan Kredit Kecamatan)                                                                   

Indonesia      BKM                                                                                                        

Indonesia      BKPD (BPR)                                                                                                 

Indonesia      BPD Bali                                            Direktur Utama  phone: 0361-242-02                     

Indonesia      BPD Central Java - Bank Pembangunan Daerah          Direktur Utama  fax: 024-540-170 or 520-186            

               Jawa Tengah                                                                                                

Indonesia      BPD East Java (Bank Pembanunan Daerah)                                                                     

Indonesia      BPD Sumatera                                        Drs. Armyn (President Director)  Fax: 62-61-512652     

Indonesia      BPD West Java (Bank Jabar/Java Barat)               H. Suparman Wijaya, SH (Pres. Dir)  Fax:               


Indonesia      BPD West Kalimantan (Bank Kalbar/Kalimantan                                                                


Indonesia      BPR  (Bank Perkreditan Rakyat) private              BPR section of Bank Indonesia  fax: 21-2311177         

Indonesia      BPR Bank SeqaraAnak Kencana                         Mr. Ayip Rosidi  phone/fax:: 62-0364-23880             

Indonesia      BPR Qirad                                           Mr. Bukran Abubakar  phone: 62-0367-21062  fax:        


Indonesia      BRI cooperative lending                             Don Johnston phone: 62-21-570-3406   general phone:    

                                                                   223176 or 228714  fax:234796 or phone/fax:             


Indonesia      BRI Unit Desa (Bank Rakyat Indonesia)               Don Johnston phone: 62-21-570-3406   general phone:    

                                                                   223176 or 228714  fax:234796 or phone/fax:             


Indonesia      Christian Children's Fund                           Mrs. Bernardine Wirjana  phone: 62-21-425-5295 or      

                                                                   3363  fax: 62-21-425-3364 or 520-0731 attention CCF    

Indonesia      Coop Development, Production and Finance            Sam Filiaci  phone: 011-62-272-21077  fax:             

               (NCBA) "Indonesian enterprise and trade dev.        011-62-272-21536                                       


Indonesia      CRS                                                 phone: 62-21-716254  fax: 62-21-716258                 

Indonesia      Institut Bankir Indonesia                           Jusuf M. Colter  phone: 7990919  fax: 62-21-7990927    

Indonesia      KUM (Karya Usaha Mandiri)                            Jusuf M. Colter  phone: 7990919  fax: 62-21-7990927   

Indonesia      KURK (like a LDKP-Kredit Usaha Rakyat Kecil)                                                               

Indonesia      LDKP (Lembaga Kana Kredit Perdesaan)                                                                       

Indonesia      Lipo Bank (private)                                                                                        

Indonesia      LP3M (Lembaga Pengkajian Pedesaan, Pantai dan       Sufri Laude, director  phone: 62-411-442-364  fax:     

               Masyarakat)                                         62-411-327-824                                         

Indonesia      LPD(Lembaga Perkreditan Desa -Bali) (like a                                                                


Indonesia      LPK (like a LDKP-West Java)                         Mr. YB Murti Wiyono  phone: 381-7343  fax: 231-1177    

Indonesia      LPN (like a LDKP - Lumbung Pitih Nagari -W.         Mr. Anis Muchtar  phone: 0751-31577  fax: 0751-31491   


Indonesia      MBM (BPR-Maha Bhoga Marga)                          Rev. I Nengah Ripa, S.Th, director or I Gede Trisna    

                                                                   Putra phone: 0361-22290  fax: 62-361-51463 or          

                                                                   62-361-420591 or 361-360-21                            

Indonesia      Mitra Karya                                                                                                

Indonesia      P.T. Bank Tabungan (Persero) Menara Bank            phone: 62-21-385-67-89  fax: 62-21-385-67-04           

               Tabungan Negara                                                                                            

Indonesia      P2WIK (Peningkatan Peranan Wanita dalam             Ms. Sri Handayani  phone/fax: 525-1729                 

               Industri Kecil)                                                                                            

Indonesia      P4D                                                                                                        

Indonesia      P4K (BRI project) Program Peningkatan               Ricard Beresford, senior planning advisor, P4K  fax:   

               Pendapatan Petani Kecil)                            780-2509  home fax: 840-4020  or Dr. O Sunarya         

                                                                   Hadiwisastra, project manager phone: 7805035  fax:     


Indonesia      PHBK - Bank Indonesia (Project Linking Banks        Mr. Syahrul Bahroen phone: 381-7414  fax: 385-2523     

               and Self Help Groups)                               send copy to Michael Leahy, advisor SEDP  fax:         


Indonesia      PKK (Pembinaan Kesejahteraan Keluarga)              Mrs. Sugeng Waluyo  phone: 021-7981253 or 7981254      

                                                                   fax: 021-7981253                                       

Indonesia      PT-Bank Puba Kanarta                                Mr. Kwik Kian Gie  phone: 24-314793 or 413914          

Indonesia      PT. Nusuma Utama                                    Mr. Mustafa L. Djuhad  phone: 62-021-7204128  fax:     


Indonesia      PUSKOWANJATI (Pusat Koperasi Karya Wanita Jawa      Mrs. Jaminarti Tarigan, executive director  phone/:    

               Timur)                                              0341-491448                                            

Indonesia      UPPKA (Usaha Peningkatan Pendapatan Keluarga        Mr. Heru Martono  phone: 460-465  fax: 819-4532        


Indonesia      Usahamaju                                                                                                  

Indonesia      YAPENSEKAK (Komisi Pengembangan Sosil Edonomi       Florante A. Llames, SVD, executive director  phone:    

               Keuskupan Agung, Kupang)                            0391-32096                                             

Indonesia      Yayasan Indonesia Sejahtara                         Soetrisno Kusumohadi, executirve secretary  phone:     

                                                                   6221-830-4272 or 829-0185  fax: 6221-830-2791          

Indonesia      Yayasan Kesejahteraan Keluarga                                                                             

Indonesia      YLWD (Yayasan Lembaga Widya Dharma)                 Mr. R. Sutjipto or Sutriano Kusomohadi  phone/fax:     


Indonesia      YSDK (BPR-Yayasan Swadaya Dian Khatulistiwa)        Marcell D. Lodo, director  phone/fax: 0561-35744       

Israel         Save the Children                                   Kelly Miller phone: 972-2-89-4343                      

Jordan         Postal Savings Bureau 
Jordan         Save the Children                                   Rebecca Salti  phone: 628760 or 656872                 

Laos           SMED                                                Mr. Sisalio Svengsuksa  phone: (856) 56.96 Vientiane,  


Macau          Caixa Economica Postal de Macau                     Antonio Adriano da Silva Aguiar  phone: 853-37-81-39   

                                                                   fax: 853-33-66-03                                      

Malaysia       Amanah Ikhtiar                                      R. Gopalsingam, executive secretary  phone:            

                                                                   60-3-627-0894 or 621-5194  fax: 60-3-627-9388          

Malaysia       Bank Negara                                                                                                

Malaysia       Bank Pertainian Malaysia                            Mr. Mohammad Rosli Abdul Aziz  phone: 603-292-2033     

                                                                   fax: 603-293-4948                                      

Malaysia       Bank Simparian National                                                                                    

Malaysia       CUPC (Credit Union Promotion Club)                  phone: 60-3-627-0894  fax: 60-3-627-9388               

Malaysia       Usahamaju                                                                                                  

Malaysia       WINTRAC (WWB/Malaysia)                              phone: 60-3-248-4759  fax: 606-616-663                 

Nepal          Grameen Bank, Nepal                                 Mr. Ramesh Poudyal, executive director  phone: 04259   

                                                                   or 22740  fax: 977-21-26519                            

Nepal          IBP (Intensive Banking Program)                                                                            

Nepal          Nirdhan (CASHPOR)                                                                                          

Nepal          Rural Self Reliance Development Center              Dor Nath Deupane, director or Dr. Devendra Raj Pandey  

Nepal          SFDP (Small Farmers Development                     Jalan Sharma  phone: 21174 or 21802  fax: 225-329- or  

               Program)-Dhading                                    228-516                                                

Nepal          Small Business Promotion Project                    Rudolf Guthier  phone: 211459 or 13485 or 230260       

Nepal          Women Dev. Div. MLD or PCRW (Production Credit       Ms. Sulochana Shrestha or Ganga Dutt Awasdhi  phone:  

               for Rural Women)                                    522-050 or 523-827  fax: 521-214                       

Pakistan       ADBP (Agricultural Development Bank of              Mr. Tariq Sultan  phone: 824135  fax: 812907 or        

               Pakistan)                                           814574                                                 

Pakistan       AKRSP (Aga Khan Rural Support Programme)            Steven Rasmussen, general manager  phone: 92-572-2480  

                                                                   or 2679  fax: 92-572-2779                              

Pakistan       Baluchistan Rural Suport Programme                  Mr. Qazi Azmat Essa, director  phone: 441552  fax:     


Pakistan       BUSTI (Basic Urban Services for Kacchi Abdies)      S.M. Huda, president  phone: 9221-6647123 or 417423    

                                                                   fax: 9221-6647123 or 4557217                           

Pakistan       Central Directorate of National Savings             Mr. Safdar Javed Syed, director general phone:         

                                                                   92-51-82-77-20 or 825368  fax: 829157                  

Pakistan       Fellowship of the Least Coin                                                                               

Pakistan       Orangi Pilot Project                                Dr. Akhtar Hamid, director  phone: 6652297 or 6658021  

Pakistan       Sindh Rural Workers Cooperative Organization        phone: 442538 or 440997  telex: 23035 or 23038 PCO KR  

                                                                   PK, Attn: 2508                                         

Pakistan       SRSC (Sarhad Rural Support Corporation)             Javed Mahed, chief executive officer or Mohammad       

                                                                   Zahid Elahi, Chief Credit & Enterprise Dev.  phone:    

                                                                   92-521-276734 or 274540  fax: 92-521-276734 or 276210  

Papua New      FESALOS (Federation of Savings and Loan             Luke Polangou, manager  phone/fax: 674-25-9415         

Guinea         Societies)                                                                                                 

Philippines    Alalay Sa Kaunlaran sa Gitnang Luzon, Inc.          Rolando B. Victoria, executive director  phone/fax:    

               (ASKI)                                              63-44-463-1246                                         

Philippines    ASHI (Ahon Sa Hirap, Inc.)                          Ms. Evelinda B. Toribio  or Mila Mercado  phone:       

                                                                   631-722-7378  fax: 632-721-1959  Manila                

Philippines    Ayala Foundation                                    Marilen J. Bavia  phone: 632-810-0936 or 812-1191      

                                                                   fax: 632-817-3209                                      

Philippines    BAP(Banker's Association of the Philippines         Jesus G. Tirona, president  phone:  817-25-31 or 38    

               Credit Guaranty Corporation)                        or 817-92-78  fax: 818-7394                            

Philippines    CARD (Center for Agriculture and Rural              Ms. Dolors M. Torres, executive director  phone:       

               Development)                                        6393-5624-309  phone/fax: 63-93-5620-009  San Pablo    


Philippines    CENDHRRA (Centre for the Development of Human       Dr. Antonio L. Ledesma, director  phone: 632-827-4562  

               Resources in Rural Asia)                            or 828-3262  fax: 632-827-8096                         

Philippines    Center for Community Transformation                 phone: 63-2-475-591  fax: 63-2-481-523                 

Philippines    Christian Children's Fund                           Mrs. Saturnina Hamili  phone: 63-2-631-1575 or 1578    

                                                                   fax: 63-2-631-2813 or 2825                             

Philippines    HOPE                                                Edith Y. Villanueva, executive director  phone:        


Philippines    HSPFI                                               Mrs. Yoleta Sareno, executive director  phone:         

                                                                   63-882-72-4262 fax: 6017                               

Philippines    IIRR (International Institute for Rural             Dr. Juan M. Favier, president  phone: 632-582-659      

               Resconstruction)                                    fax: 0969-9937 or 632-522-2494                         

Philippines    KASAMA-FPO (Kalipunan ng mga Samahan ng             Feliciano Matienzo, president or Jennielyn R. Paner,   

               Mamamayan)                                          secretary general  phone: 645-2264  fax: 632-8934965   

Philippines    KMBI                                                Mr. Noel Alcaide, executive director  phone:           

                                                                   63-2-346-473  fax:632-92-24-41                         

Philippines    NATCCO (National Confederation of                   Ms. Tere de Leon  phone: 721-5631  fax: 632-721-5646   


Philippines    Pamana (People's Bank)                              IIRR contact: Conrado Nazarro phone/fax:               

                                                                   63-96-402-0891 or 0402  alternative: phone:            

                                                                   63-2-602-794  fax: 63-2-607-278                        

Philippines    PFCCO (Philippine Federation of Credit              Fr. Benedicto A. Jayoma  phone: 63-2-922-9821 or       

               Cooperatives)                                       602794  fax: 63-2-921-0212 or 632617042                

Philippines    Philippine Postal Savings Bank-Postal Bank          phone: 632-49-66-20  fax: 632-49-66-23                 

Philippines    Philippine Relief and Development Services          Benedicto A. Jayoma, CEO  phone: 63-2-60-2794  fax:    


Philippines    Project Dungganon (Negros Women for Tomorrow        Dr. Cecilia Del Castillo, executive director or        

               Foundation)                                         Corazon Henares phone: 6334-2-22-09  fax:              


Philippines    PRRM (Philippine Rural Reconstruction               Ms. Persevera Razon  or Horacio Morales, Jr.           

               Movement)                                           president  phone: 63-2-980-079  fax: 63-8-997-919      

Philippines    RSPI (Rangtay sa Pagrang-ay, Inc.)                  Edna O. Genove or Lito Pangilinan, executive director  

                                                                    phone/fax: 63-74-442-6958                             

Philippines    SEAF (Self-Employment Assistance Foundation)        Mr. Rogelio Montehermoso or Dr. Ester B. Sy Quimsiam,  

                                                                   officer in charge  phone: 632-741-1054 or 931-8101     

                                                                   fax: 63-2-931-8149 c/o DSWS office                     

Philippines    South Cotabato Foundation (CRS)                     Belen S. Fernando, director  phone: 82-687  no fax     

Philippines    TPKI (Talete King Panyulung Kapampangan, Inc.)      Arnold Musni, executive director  phone:               

                                                                   63-45-961-3650 or 632-892-5614  fax: 63-45-961-6623    

                                                                   or 63-45-961-4316 or 632-892-8389                      

Philippines    TSKI                                                Angel de Leon, executive director  phone:              


Philippines    TSPI-Bridge to Progress (Tulay Sa Pag Unlad,        Mr. Benjamin Montemayor, director  phone:              

               Inc.)                                               63-2-631-57-20 or 2783 or 5420  fax:63-2-631-5721      

                                                                   or 5771                                                

Philippines    WIFE (Women in Finance and Entrepreneurship)        phone: 63-2-818-1826  fax: 63-2-525-8105               

Sri Lanka      Christian Children's Fund                           W. Ubeysirinarayana  phone: 94-1-50-1238  fax:         

                                                                   94-1-58-9506 or 50-2179 (attention CCF)                

Sri Lanka      FTCCS (Federation of Thrift & Credit                L.B. Dasanayaka, general manager or P.A.               

               Cooperative Societies)                              Kiriwardeniga phone: 94-1-853-005 or 858358  fax:      


Sri Lanka      Jeeva Sanwardhanaya Ayathanaya                                                                             

Sri Lanka      Lanka Evangelical Alliance Development                                                                     


Sri Lanka      National Savings Bank                               phone: 941-57-31-79  fax: 941-57-31-78                 

Sri Lanka      People's Rural Development Association              Dr. Susil Liyanarachchi  phone: 94-1-695481 or 869770  

                                                                    fax: 94-1-688368                                      

Sri Lanka      PNN (Praja Naya Niyamaks)                           Gordon Molitor, phone: 941-500783  fax:941-587-572     

Sri Lanka      Postal Savings                                                                                             

Sri Lanka      Research and Applications for Alternative           phone: 94-1-695-481  fax: 94-1-580-721                 

               Financing and Development                                                                                  

Sri Lanka      SANASA                                                                                                     

Sri Lanka      Sarvodaya                                                                                                  

Sri Lanka      Savcred                                                                                                    

Sri Lanka      Thrift & Credit Coopertive Societies Ltd.           P.A. Kiriwardaniga  phone: 941-853005  fax:            


Thailand       Apex Organization                                   Ms. Yupaporn Boontid                                   

Thailand       BAAC (Bank for Agriculture and Agricultural         Viron Sukumalwan or Mr Luck Wajananawat  phone:        

               Cooperatives)                                       66-2-828-4371or 66 2 280-0180  fax: 66 2 280-0442 or   

                                                                   63-2-828-6397  Paul Lightfoot suggested that we        

                                                                   contact him--write personal note                       

Thailand       CARE                                                Mr. Thomas W. Brahman, director  phone: 662-279-530-7  

                                                                    fax: 662-271-447                                      

Thailand       Christian Children's Fund                           Mr. Amporn Wathanavongs  phone: 66-2-258-5048 or 5049  

                                                                    fax: 66-2-259-8852 or 66-2-259-8852                   

Thailand       Credit Union League of Thailand                     Panya Srithongsook, director  phone: 66-2-373-0020 or  

                                                                   21 or 0150 or 51  fax: 66-2-373-0022                   

Thailand       FFWB/Thailand (Friends of Women's World              Mrs. Chinda Charungchareonvejj, president  phone:     

               Banking Association of Thailand)                    662-2301582  fax: 662-2314182 or 3                     

Thailand       Foundation for Integrated Agricultural                                                                     

               Management (CRS)                                                                                           

Thailand       Foundation of Life                                                                                         

Thailand       FSCT (Federation of Savings & Credit)               Anan Chatrapracheawin, manger  phone: 66-2-910-8911    

                                                                   or 19  fax: 66-2-587-6637                              

Thailand       Local Development Institution (LDI)                 Mr. Songpol Jetthanawanit  phone: 662-225-7293 or      

                                                                   223-6713  fax: 662-226-4718                            

Thailand       RCP                                                                                                        

Thailand       Research and Applications for Alternative           phone: 66-2-319-5017  fax: 66-2-319-5019               

               Financing and Development                                                                                  

Thailand       Rural Friends Association (CRS)                                                                            

Thailand       SEEDS (WWB)                                                                                                

Thailand       The Govenment Savings Bank of Thailand              Mrs. Chiraporn Bhudaruksa phone: 662-279-82-89 or      

                                                                   271-0240-60  fax: 662-271-1515 or 270-1441             

Thailand       Thrift Credit Small Investor Program- Bangkok                                                              

               Metropolitan Bank                                                                                          

Thailand       Urban Community Development Office or               Mr. Paiboon Wattanasiritham (Pres.) phone: (66.2) 319  

               Foundation for Thailand Rural Reconstruction        50 17 or 718-0911 fax: (66.2) 319 50 19 or 718-0937    

               Movement  (CRS)                                                                                            

Thailand       World Relief                                        phone/fax: 66-2-873-177                                

Vietnam        ActionAid                                           William Smith or Dot McCall, director  phone:          

                                                                   84-4-238-905  fax: 84-4-238-946                        

Vietnam        CEP FUND                                            Mrs. Hoang Thi Khanh  phone: 223321  fax: 84-4-243787  

                                                                   or 84-4-24387  Ho Chi Mihn City                        

Vietnam        CIDSE                                               Mr. Luc Picard  phone: 844-254-834 or 250-265  fax:    


Vietnam        VBA (Vietnam Bank of Agriculture)                    Mr. Pham Van Thuc  phone: 844-521-814  fax:           


Vietnam        Vietnam Bank for the Poor                           Ms. Ha Thi Manh, director  phone: 8526344  fax:        


Vietnam        Vietnam's Women's Union/ TYM Fund                   Ms. Truong My Hoa  phone: 844-253-436  fax:            


Country                    Project                                        Contact 

Albania RDF Konrad Ellsasser Albania Savings Bank of Albania phone: 355-42-23-205, fax:355-42-23-695 or 23-587 Bulgaria Bulgarian Post Bank phone: 3592-65-01-14 fax: 3592-51-09-48 Bulgaria Bulgarian State Savings Bank phone: 3592-88-10-41 fax: 3592-54-13-55 Bulgaria Foundation Nachala Czech Ceska Sporitelna AS Ing. Milos Novak phone: 422-242-29-268 fax: Republic 422-242-245-46 Estonia Estonian Savings Bank (Hoiupank) Yuta Voogla or Tiit Laanemae phone: 372-6-30-26-00 fax: 372-6-30-26-02 Latvia Latvian Savings Bank phone: 371-2-22-28-71 Lithuania Lithuanican Savings Bank phone: 370-2-232-370 fax: 370-2-232-431 Poland ACDI/Cooperative Banks Poland Center for the Advancement of Women phone: 48-22-625-6081 fax: 48-22-293-881 Poland Christian Children's Fund Tomsz Stachurski phone: 48-22-27-65-43 fax: 48-22-27-83-47 Poland FWRED (Fund for Women in Rural Enterprise phone: 48-22-171-254 fax: 48-22-175-939 Development) Poland IWF (International Women's Foundation) Poland Powszechna Kasa Oszczednosci phone: 148-2-625-60-36 fax: 482-625-47-36 Poland TISE Zbigniew Bondarczok, president phone: 22-269171 fax: 22-278356 Poland Windows Mr. Bondarczuk (Pres.) phone: (48 22) 27 21 31 fax: (48 22) 27 83 56 Romania Banc Post SA phone: 401-311-06-06 fax: 401-312-27-72 or 311-06-04 Russia Association of Savings Banks (ACB) phone: 7095-298-38-00 fax: 7095-298-58-18 Russia Institute of International Entrpreneurship phone: 7-812-273-4073 fax: 7-812-273-2964 Russia Savings Bank of the Russian Federation phone: 70-95-281-58-36 fax: 70-95-281-93-33 Russia WWB/Russia phone: 7-095-193-6015 fax: 7-095-207-0808 Slovak Slovenska Sporitelna AS phone: 427-31-91-111 fax: 427-32-68-67 Republic

Country                    Project                                        Contact 

Argentina      Corporación Regional del Noreste
Argentina      Emprender (ACCION)                                  Juan Padilla phone: 541-746-4004  fax: 541-746-3993    

Argentina      FACC-Cajas de Crédito (Federación Argentina de      Ricardo Ferrando, gerente general  phone:              

               Cooperatives de Crédito)                            54-1-862-6283 or 1606  fax: 54-1-862-2094 or 1602      

Argentina      FACC-Cooperativas de Crédito (Federación            Ricardo Ferrando, gerente general  phone:              

               Argentina de Cooperatives de Crédito)               54-1-862-6283 or 1606  fax: 54-1-862-2094 or 1602      

Argentina      FUNDAPAZ                                            Silvia S. de Pareda  phone: 01-394-2610  fax:          


Argentina      Instituto para el Desarrollo de la Micro y          Lic. Jorge Carpio, presidente FOGAMI  phone:           

               Pequeña Empresa                                     054-01-762-1952  fax: 054-01-762-1952                  

Argentina      Research and Applications for Alternative                                                                  

               Financing and Development                                                                                  

Barbados       Barbados Co-op Credit Union League                  Oriel Doyle, CEO  phone: 809-429-77075  fax:           


Belize         Belize Credit Union League                          Orlon Clarke, executive director  phone: 501-27-2510   

                                                                   fax: 501-27-2575                                       

Belize         BEST (Belize Enterprise for Sustainable             Bridget Cullerton, director  phone: 011-501-8-23043    

               Technology)                                         fax:011-501-8-22563                                    

Belize         Help for Progress                                   Elias Awe  phone: 501-8-22543  fax: 501-8-21099        

Bolivia        ADRA (Adventist Development and Relief Agency       Walter Britton, director  phone: 011-591-2-361310      

               International)                                      fax: 011-591-2-391305                                  

Bolivia        ANED (ECLOF)                                        Lic. Gustavo Birbuet Diaz, director ejecutivo          

                                                                   phone/fax: 235-9946                                    

Bolivia        Ayuda en Acción                                     Elizabeth Morato, directora  phone: 591-2-324-207      

                                                                   fax: 591-2-393-024                                     

Bolivia        Banco Solidario                                     Francisco (Pancho) Otero (Dir.) or Hermann Kruzfeldt   

                                                                   phone (591.2) 39 28 10  fax: (591.2) 39 19 41          

Bolivia        Caja Central de Ahorros y Préstamos para la         Eduardo Frias  phone: 591-237-12-80  fax:              

               Vivienda                                            591-236-13-46                                          

Bolivia        Caja de Ahorro y Préstamo Los Andes (formerly       Ríos Alejandra  phone: 591-2-373728 or 314640 or       

               PROCREDITO)                                         353314  fax: 591-2-351510                              

Bolivia        Centro de Fomento de Iniciativas Económicas         Ra. Pilar Ramirez or Pilar Velasco  phone:             


Bolivia        Centro de Investigación Y Desarrollo Regional       Ing. Julio Alem Rojo, dirctor  phone: 591-42-33077     

                                                                   fax: 591-4117220                                       

Bolivia        Christian Children's Fund                           Dr. Adolfo E. Peters  phone: 591-2-39-1770 or 2100     

                                                                   fax: 591-2-39-2055                                     

Bolivia        Cooperativa Multiactiva la Merced Ltda.             Dr. Adalberto Terceros  phone: 591-3-343226  fax:      


Bolivia        CRECER (Crédito con Educación Rural)                Freddy Gabriel Escalier, director or Teresa            

                                                                   Quintanilla  phone/fax: (591)42-41-528                 

Bolivia        CRS                                                 phone: 591-2-323-335  fax: 591-2-392-228               

Bolivia        DESEC (Centro para el Desarrollo Social y           Juan Demeure phone: 591-42-57205 or 458858  fax:       

               Económico)                                          591-42-49184 or 591-42-52717                           

Bolivia        FADES (Fundación para Alternativas de               Marcelo Zabalaga  phone: 2-327171  fax: 591-2-431471   


Bolivia        FENACRE (Federación Nacional de Associaciones       Alberto Montero Cossio, gerente general or Walter      

               de Crédito)                                         Rivas  phone:591-2-1374 or 8061 or 355245  fax:        

                                                                   2-6359 or 591-2-355245 Cochabamba                      

Bolivia        FIE (Freedom from Hunger)                           Teresa Quintanilla  phone: 591-2-35-4048 or 41528      

                                                                   fax: 591-2-35-7352 or 41528  La Paz                    

Bolivia        FUNBODEM (Fundación Boliviana para el               Augusto Ulloa, executive director  phone:              

               Desarrollo de la Mujer)                             591-3-352-101 or 362-417  fax: 591-3-362-417  call     


Bolivia        Fundación Agrocapital                               Arvin Bunker or Alberto Montero C.  phone:             

                                                                   591-42-56536  fax: 591-42-51200                        

Bolivia        Fundación San Gabriel                               Dr. Jorge Domic  phone: 231815  fax: 282233  La Paz    

Bolivia        Mennonite Econ. Dev. Ass. (Small Business           Craig Tenney  phone: 591-335-1634  fax: 591-333-0183   

               Development Program)                                                                                       

Bolivia        National Development Foundation                     Mary Valenzuela   phone: 353314  fax: 351-510          

Bolivia        PRISMA/San Luis                                     Mauricio Hurtado  phone: 591-3-53-2828  fax:           


Bolivia        Pro Mujer                                           Dr. Lynne Patterson, directora executiva or Gonzalo    

                                                                   Araoz  phone: 78-5037 or 322886 fax: 591-2-322886or    

                                                                   433893 La Paz                                          

Bolivia        PRODEM (Fundación para la Promoción y               Eduardo Bazoberry  phone: 591-2-366-950  fax:          

               Desarrollo de la Microempresa)                      591-2-353-438                                          

Bolivia        SARTAWI (CHILDREACH)                                Marcos Nucinkis, gerente  phone: 329-270  fax:         

                                                                   362-516  La Paz                                        

Brazil         ACARAM (small farmers association in                phone/fax: 069-422-2630                                


Brazil         ADIM (Associaçao para o Desenvolvimento da          Claudia Cantanhede Fernandes e Costa, diretora         

               Mulher na Economia Informal)                        executiva  phone: 55-98-221-3511 or 2366  fax:         

                                                                   5598-221-3511  Maranhao                                

Brazil         APACO (small farmer association in Chapeco)         phone/fax: 0497-22-0154                                

Brazil         APAEB/COOPERE (small farmer association in          phone: 075-263-2356 or 263-2324  fax: 075-263-2236     


Brazil         Banco da Mulher (Associacao Brasileira para o       Manaus: phone/fax: 55-92-234-8225  Salvador:           

               Desenvolvimento da Mulher)                          55-71-243-3812  fax: 55-71-241-3903                    

Brazil         CAT                                                 Evanda E. Burtet Kwitko, diretora executiva  phone:    

                                                                   55-512-265-131 fax: 55-512-28-4378  Porto Alegre       

Brazil         CEAPE Ana Terra                                     Alda Miller, diretora executiva Ana Terra  phone:      

                                                                   051-226-5131  fax: 051-228-4378  or Maria Jose         

                                                                   Fonseca Alves, diretora executiva  phone:              

                                                                   55-84-221-5793 or 222-8489  Rio Grande do Norte        

Brazil         CEPAGRO (in Florianópolis)                          phone/fax: 048-233-3176                                

Brazil         CONFEBRAS (Confederaçao Brasileira das              Luiz Antonio Pizzi, director presidente                

               Cooperativas de Crédito)                                                                                   

Brazil         FENAPE                                              Valdi de Aruajo Dantas  phone: 5561-248-7132  fax:     

                                                                   5561-248-5513 or 5511-853-2726                         

Brazil         Fundaçao Banco do Brasil                            Sr. Joao Batista de Camargo  phone: 55-61-212-1851     

Brazil         Fundacao Samuel                                     Jaime Wright  phone/fax: 5511-521-5577                 

Brazil         MOC (in Feira de Santana)                           phone: 075-221-1393  fax: 075-221-1604                 

Chile          Banco del Desarrollo                                Sr. Gaston Suarez Crothers, jefe programa              

                                                                   microempresas  phone: 562-698-2901 fax: 562-71-6480    

Chile          Banco del Estado                                    Sr. Hugo Tivelli Oyarzun, asesor de la presidencia     

                                                                   phone: 562-696-5895 fax: 670-5711                      

Chile          CIDEME (Corporación Industrial para el              phone: 333378 or 392188                                

               Desarrollo del área Metropolitana)                                                                         

Chile          CONTIGO                                             Frederic Chastenet or Nicolas Cordier  phone:          

                                                                   562-523-9293  phone/fax: 011 562-521-4120 or           


Chile          FECRECOOP (Federación Chilena de Ahorro y           Pedro Hernán Pérez Romero, gerente  phone:             

               Crédito)                                            56-2-696-1373 fax: 56-2-697-2581                       

Chile          FINAM (Filial Chilena de WWB)                       Francisca Gomez de la Torre or Maria Elena Ovalle,     

                                                                   presidenta  phone: 562-696-8920  fax: 562-699-3634     


Chile          Fundación Civitas                                   phone: 6992172                                         

Chile          Fundación Trabajo para un Hermano                   phone: 698-3629  fax: 697-2186                         

Chile          INDES (Inversiones para el Desarrollo)              Sergio Fernandez (Pres.) Luis Alvarez (Dir.) phone:    

                                                                   (5626) 99 16 85  fax: (5626) 96 09 16                  

Chile          PROPESA                                             Alberto Blanco  phone: 562-671-4556  fax:              

                                                                   562-672-5910 0r 5626-556-8576                          

Colombia       ADEMCOL (Asociación para el Desarrollo              Adgardo Acosta, director general  phone: 335-0501 or   

               Microempresarial Colombiano)                        0604  fax: 2443604  Bogota                             

Colombia       AGAPE                                               Jorge Pacheco  phone: 41420  fax: 415220               

Colombia       Arkaz de Colombia                                   Honei Plata Gomez  phone: 57-76-331449  fax:           


Colombia       ASCOOP (Asociación Colombiana de Cooperativas)      Dr. Luis Arturo Muñoz, president  phone: 3683576       

                                                                   fax: 2684230                                           

Colombia       Aseguradora Solidana de Colombia                    phone: 57-1-286-011  fax: 57-1-283-5936                

Colombia       Asociación de Grupos Solidarios de Colombia         José Ignacio  phone: 57-1-218-7837  fax: 618-0362      

Colombia       Banco Colpatria                                     Luis Santiago Perdomo, president  phone: 3340600       

                                                                   fax: 2861186                                           

Colombia       Banco de Colombia                                   Alvaro Jaramillo, president  phone: 3381300 or         

                                                                   2872289  fax: 2873226  Bogota                          

Colombia       BANCOOP (Banco Cooperativo de Colombia)             Gustavo Alberto Escobar Perez or Ismael Cabrera        

                                                                   Dussan  phone: 571-6222021 or 57-1-257-7411  fax:      

                                                                   57-1-6183381 or 218-1601                               

Colombia       BANCOQUIA (Banco Comercial Anioqueño)               Jorge Julian Trujillo, president  phone: 2843100 fax:  

                                                                   2832910   Bogota                                       

Colombia       Caja Social (commercial bank)                       Eulalia Arboleda, gerente  fax: 211-60-36              

Colombia       CFP (Corporación Financiera Popular)                Jorge Alberto Sanchez, president  phone: 3340277       

                                                                   fax: 2865931  Bogota                                   

Colombia       Christian Children's Fund                           Ms. Eugenia Franco Ospina  phone: 57-1-269-3388 or     

                                                                   3881  fax: 57-1-269-5438                               

Colombia       CMM/Bogotá (Corporación Mundial de la Mujer)        Lilian Quintero de Rivas  phone: 571-264-68-06 or      

                                                                   12-18  fax: 265-14-09 or 610-5026                      

Colombia       CMM/Medellín (Corporación Mundial de la Mujer)      Margarita Correa Henao  phone: 574-284-6386 or 6238    

                                                                   fax: 574-284-4341                                      

Colombia       COFEP (ECLOF)                                       Sra. Olga Lucia Avrez, directora  phone: 232-14-40     

                                                                   fax: 287-13-67                                         

Colombia       COOPCENTRAL                                         Alvaro Arguello Rodríguez  phone: 57-7724-4117/2005    

                                                                   fax: 57-7724-5664                                      

Colombia       COOPDESARROLLO                                      Rodrigo Ramirez Ocampo or Eduardo Unda Sánchez         

                                                                   phone: 57-1-618-0182 or 0282 or 618-0023   fax:        

                                                                   57-1-618-0282 or 616-4629                              

Colombia       Cooperativa Multiactiva de Desarrollo Social        phone: 57-1-288-7189 or 57-69-883-6310                 

Colombia       Cooperative de Ahorro Y Crédito                     Claudio Higuera  phone: 571-618-0394  fax:             


Colombia       COOPSERFUN                                          Alfredo Rojas Cárdenas  phone: 57-1-245-583 or         

                                                                   232-4145  fax: 57-1-287-3315                           

Colombia       CORFAS (Corporación Fondo de Apoyo de Empresas      Ernesto Parra  phone: 571-212-1088 or 19-66 or         

               Asociativas/Bucaramanga)                            249-1295  fax: 571-212-5634                            

Colombia       CORFIMUJER                                                                                                 

Colombia       Corporación de Ahorro y Vivienda Colmena            phone: 571-288-23-76  fax: 571-288-37-42               

Colombia       Corposol                                            Juan Carlos Fernández or Javier Sota  phone:           

                                                                   571-825-8330 or 8331  fax: 571-825-8329  same number   

                                                                   as for FINANSOL                                        

Colombia       Cupocrédito (credit union)                          Alvaro Ramirez Pinilla, general manager  phone/fax:    

                                                                   2482062  Bogota                                        

Colombia       FIDES (Fundación para la Investigación y el         Lucrecia Lloreda or Nestor Herrera Pacheco  phone:     

               Desarrollo de Sucre)                                822-480 or 6109184  fax: 2360600  Bogota               

Colombia       Financiacoop                                                                                               

Colombia       FINANSOL (formerly ACTUAR)                          Martha Arboleda  phone: 5782-64-13-71 fax:             

                                                                   5782-67-04-00  or Almaya Rango or Mauricio Thomayo     

                                                                   at phone: 574-232-1172  fax: 574-232-1401 or 232-3662  

                                                                   FINANSOL - José Antonio Jaime, president  phone:       

                                                                   571-825-8330  fax: 571-825-8329                        

Colombia       FMM/Bucaramanga (Fundacion Mundial de la            Teresa Eugenia Prada  phone: 5773-47-05-81 or 02-14    

               Mujer)                                              fax: 976-436985                                        

Colombia       FMM/Popayan (Fundación Mundo Mujer)                 Leonor Melo de Velasco  phone: 5728-241-734  fax:      

Colombia       FUNCARIBE (Centro de Investigación Social 

               Fundación del Caribe) 
Colombia       FUNCOP/Popoyan                                      Esperanza Ceron  fax: 235590 or 234267 or 235027       

Colombia       Fundación Carvajal                                  Rodrigo Guerrero, director ejecutivo  phone:           

                                                                   5723-67-2944  fax: 5723-67-3377                        

Colombia       Fundación Familiar/Cali                             Francisco Garibello  phone: 5723-34-70-28  fax:        


Colombia       Fundación Golfo Morrosquillo/Tolú                   Herman García  phone: 57?-88-50-65 Tolú                

Colombia       Fundación los Pisingos/Bogotá                       Juan Alberto Almonacid  phone: 571-672-3569  fax:      


Colombia       Fundación Mario Santo Domingo                       Rosalia Tesillo Menez or Marciano Puche  phone:        

                                                                   5758-315-628  fax: 5758-513-861  Barranquilla          

Colombia       Fundación San Isidro/Montelibano                    Rogerio Villamizar  phone: 947-72-20-42  or 22-83      

                                                                   fax: 947-72-20-79 or 91-285-7974                       

Colombia       FUNDECOR/Montería                                   Rocio Fernandez de Ossio  phone: 5747-82-55-45 or      

                                                                   25-11  fax: 5747--82-55-45                             

Colombia       FUNDESAN (Fundación para el Desarrollo de           phone: 479-206 or 7  fax: 429-089 or 302-034           

               Santander)                                          Bucaramanga                                            

Colombia       FUNDICAR/Guajira                                    Roberto Baliza Zubiria  phone: 5754-27-39-08  fax:     


Colombia       FWWB/Cali (Fundación WWB Colombia-Cali)             Nestor Raúl Plata Puentes, executive director  phone:  

                                                                   572-661-56-99  fax: 572-6-67-16-77                     

Colombia       La Solidaria (WOCCU member)                         Ismael Ovalle Morales  phone: 57-1-257-0539  fax:      


Colombia       Oficina de Promoción y Desarrollo Social            Rosa Camargo de Bravo, director, phone:                

                                                                   011-57-53-59-18-95  fax: 011-57-53-59-18-95            

Colombia       PRODUCIR (Cooperativa para el Desarrollo            Alberto Pozo  phone: 57-1-286-0377 or 8409  fax:       

               Empresarial Producir)                               57-1-334-4676                                          

Colombia       SERFINDES                                           Jaime Ramirez Guerrero (Pres.)  fax: 621-93-61         

Costa Rica     ADAPTE                                                                                                     

Costa Rica     ADEPE (Asociación para el Desarrollo del            Raúl Acuna, director ejecutivo  phone: 33-7054         

               Pequeño Empresario)                                                                                        

Costa Rica     ADRI                                                Juan Pablo Montoya Vargas  phone/fax: 506-49-6913      

Costa Rica     AIRAC (credit union)                                Virginio Gerardo                                       

Costa Rica     Allianza Cooperativa Internacional                  Juan Diego Pacheco, director  phone: 506-31-2210 or    

                                                                   4310  fax: 506-31-5842                                 

Costa Rica     APIAGOL                                             José Arturo Blanco Chaves, director ejecutivo  phone:  

                                                                   75-0025  or 0098  fax: 75-0373                         

Costa Rica     ARBOFILIA                                           Mr. Miguel Rosales, IDB  phone: 233-3244  fax:         


Costa Rica     Asociación Costarricense de Desarrollo              William Flores Martinez  phone: 233-04-96  fax:        


Costa Rica     ASOPROQUEPOS (Asociación Pro-Fomento Proyectos      Uladislao Alvarado Chaves, director ejecutivo  phone:  

               Productivos Sub-Region Quepos)                      77-0342  fax: 4456650                                  

Costa Rica     ASOPROSANRAMON (Asociación Pro-Fomento de           Fulvio Antonio Granados Ulate, gerente  phone/fax:     

               Proyectos Productivos de la Sub-Region San          45-6650                                                


Costa Rica     Avance Microempresarial                             William Chacón Calvo, director ejecutivo  phone:       

                                                                   506-571-851  fax: 506-222-107                          

Costa Rica     Banco de Comercio                                   Alina Alvarez, jefe dpto. Pequeña Empresa  phone:      

                                                                   2336011  fax: 2223706                                  

Costa Rica     Banco Federal de Cooperativas                       Carlos Bonilla phone: 506-535-108  fax: 506-534-803    

Costa Rica     Banco Popular de Desarrollo Comunal de Costa        Leonidas Ramírez Villalobos  phone: 5062-551-555 or    

               Rica                                                257-61-56  fax: 5062-332-350 or 221-73-36              

Costa Rica     BANCOOP (Banco Cooperativo Costarricense)           Ing. Alvarado phone: 5062-33-5044  fax: 233-9661       

Costa Rica     CARE (CYCOR)                                        Stanley Dunn, country director, phone: 506-2539-689    

                                                                   fax: 506-2244-625                                      

Costa Rica     Catholic Relief Services                            phone: 31-4967 or 4655  fax: 31-0891                   

Costa Rica     COF                                                 Mr. Miguel Rosales, IDB  phone: 233-3244  fax:         


Costa Rica     COOPEBRISAS                                         Edgar Rojas Solis, gerente  phone: 463-3044  fax:      


Costa Rica     Cooperative Coocique                                 Max Gonzalez Quiros, director depto. de Credito,      

                                                                   phone: 460-5454  fax: 460-1631                         

Costa Rica     CREDIMUJER                                          Maria de los Angeles Cubas Cordero, presidenta         

                                                                   phone: 57-1454  or 33-5686 fax: 506-223-058            

Costa Rica     Federación Nacional de Cooperativas de Ahorro,      Mario Vargas Alvarado  phone: 506-2335-666  fax:       

               Crédito y Servicios                                 506-571-724                                            

Costa Rica     FINCA (Fundación Integral Campesina)                Mari Marta Padilla phone: 506-253-1956  fax:           


Costa Rica     FOLADE                                              Mr. William Ruben Soto  phone: 506-224-1052  fax:      


Costa Rica     FUCODES                                             Silvestre Alonso Matanzo, presidente  phone: 23-5735   

                                                                   or 23-0496  fax: 22-5770                               

Costa Rica     FUNDAMUJER                                          Patricia Rodriguez Canossa  phone: 5301661  fax:       


Costa Rica     ODRES (Asociación para el Desarrollo                Gerardo Ordóñez Jiménez  phone/fax: 506-680-0652       

               Sostenible de la Región Chorotega)                                                                         

Costa Rica     UNACOOP (Unión Nacional de Cooperativas)            Dennis Esquivel Navarro or Lic. Rolando Barrantes,     

                                                                   executive director  phone: 33-2466 or 2998 or          

                                                                   253-5544  fax: 224-5962                                

Cuba           Banco Popular de Ahorro                             phone: 537-23-5942  fax: 537-33-11-80                  

Dominica       Credit Union-Reseau Cooperative                     Mr. Hudson Savarin  phone: 9 1 809 448-2191  fax: 9 1  

                                                                   809 448-2491                                           

Dominica       Dominica Co-op CU League                            Kenneth Richards, manager or  Mr. Eustace Renee        

                                                                   phone: 9 1 809 448-4051/4416  Fax: 9 1 809 448-0490    

Dominica       Dominica Save the Children Fund                     Mrs. Doreen Francis phone and fax: 9 1 809 448-2090    

Dominica       Social Centre (The)                                 Mrs. Roma Douglas phone:9 1 809 448-2741  fax: 9 1     

                                                                   809 448-3404                                           

Dominican      ADEMI (Asociación para el Desarrollo de             Pedro Jiménez, director  phone: 809-681-5995 or 6694   

Republic       Microempresas)                                      or 7094 or fax: 809-681-5895                           

Dominican      ADEPE (Asociación para el Desarrollo de la          Dorca Balcager or Lic. Ramón Abreu  phone:             

Republic       Provincia Espaillat)                                809-578-2811 fax: 809-578-3813                         

Dominican      ADESJO (Associación Para el Desarrollo de           Fernando Durán  phone/fax: 809-558-2168                


Dominican      ADOPEM (Asociación Dominicana para el               Mercedes de Canalda  phone: 809-563-3939  fax:         

Republic       Desarrollo de la Mujer)                             809-547-2922                                           

Dominican      ASPIRE (Asociación para Inversión y Empleo          Lic. Arturo Mateo Encarnación, director ejecutivo      

Republic       Inc.)                                               phone: (809) 562-6263 fax: 566-6908                    

Dominican      Banco Agrícola                                      Ing. Adriano Sanchez Roa, administrador general        

Republic                                                           phone: 809-532-4645 or 0679                            

Dominican      Banco Nacional de la Vivienda                       phone: 1809-56-56-621  fax: 1809-56-58-543             


Dominican      ENDA CARIBE                                         Manuel Serrano  phone: 566-8321  fax: 541-3259         


Dominican      FDD (Fundación Dominicana de Desarrollo)            Ma. Dolores Sevilla de Sousa or Dr. Eduardo Latorre,   

Republic                                                           director ejecutivo or Lic. Elba Franco  phone:         

                                                                   809-688-8101 fax: 688-0430                             

Dominican      FINCA                                               Zoraida Gomez or Diomedes Alvarez phone: 809-686-7500  

Republic                                                           or 0012  fax: 809-476-5051 or 686-0251                 

Dominican      FINE (Fondo de Inversiones para el Desarrollo       Claudio Doñé  phone: 809-221-8715 or 8716  fax:        

Republic       de la Microempresa)                                 809-221-8109                                           

Dominican      FORESTA                                             Coronel Julio Bienvenido Grullon, director general     

Republic                                                           phone: 809-533-5183 ext. 88                            

Dominican      FUDECO                                              Lic. Horacio Ornes, director ejecutivo or Ernestina    

Republic                                                           Perez de Poueriet phone: 809-567-3351 or 4626          

Dominican      IDDI (Instituto Dominicana de Desarrollo            David Luther  or Irma de Frios  phone: 534-1077  fax:  

Republic       Integral)                                           534-1080                                               

Dominican      MUDE (Mujeres en Desarrollo Dominicanas)            Rosa Rita Alvarez  phone: 685-8111  fax: 686-6360      


Dominican      PROMOPEC (Promoción Apec de la Mujer)               Viola Vison  phone: 536-8586  fax: 538-8933            


Dominican      San José de Oca                                                                                            


Ecuador        ALTERFINSA                                          Mr. Ignacio Ponce  phone: 593-2-222896 or 453  fax:    


Ecuador        Asociación Nacional de Mutualistas del Ecuador      phone: 593-2-560-475  fax: 593-2-564-238               

Ecuador        ASOMICRO                                            Sr. Eduardo García  phone: 593-2-563214 or 248-896     

                                                                   fax: 593-2-563214 or 593-2-568-664   Quito             

Ecuador        Banco de Pacífico                                    Marcel Laniado, presidente ejecutivo  fax:            


Ecuador        Banco Nacional de Fomento Crédito y                 Rodrigo Racines, gerente general  fax: 5932-580-910    

               Capacitación Industrial y Artesanal                                                                        

Ecuador        Banco Pichincha                                     Jaime Acosta E., presidente ejecutivo  fax:            


Ecuador        Casa Campesina Cayambe                              Javier Herran  phone: 361-234  fax: 360-516            

Ecuador        CEPESIU (Centro de Promción y Empleo para el        Mrs. Laura Landivar or Lone Esteves  phone:            

               Sector Informal Urbano)                             593-4-440411 fax: 593-4-440427                         

Ecuador        CFN-FOPINAR  (Corporación Financiera Nacional,      Fabian Ceron, subgerente  fax: 593-2-562-364           

               El Fondo para el Fomento de la Pequeña                                                                     

               Industria y Artesania)                                                                                     

Ecuador        Cooperativa Progreso                                Margarita Salgado  fax: 5932-350-747                   

Ecuador        CORFEC (Corporación Femenina Ecuatoriana)           Hilda Eguez de Jaramillo, presidenta  phone:           

                                                                   593-2-565-295 or 540-426 or 543599 or 565285  fax:     

                                                                   593-2-565-285 or 295 Quito                             

Ecuador        CORPOMICRO                                          Mr. Rodrigo Lopez  phone: 593-2-563214 or 227803       

                                                                   fax: 563214  Quito                                     

Ecuador        ECLOF (Comité Ecuatoriano del Fondo Ecuménico       Fausto Jordán  phone: 2 523-214  fax: 2-504-735        

               de Préstamos)                                                                                              

Ecuador        FADEMI                                              Juan Toral Vintimilla, presidente  phone:              

                                                                   593-7-831-427  fax: 7-831-426                          

Ecuador        FED                                                 Mr. Cesar Alarcon Costa  phone:526-372-54874 or        

                                                                   593-2-526372 or 237945  fax: 593-2-509084  Quito       

Ecuador        Federación Nacional de Cooperativas de Ahorro       Héctor David Córdova phone: 593-2-222-787  fax:        

               y Crédito                                           593-2-562-220                                          

Ecuador        FEPP (Fondo Ecuatoriano Popularum Progresivo)       José Tonello  phone: 529372  fax: 593-2-504978         

Ecuador        FINAGRO (Banco del Agro, SA)                        Mr. Ramon Espinel  phone: 593-4-450046 or 451383       

                                                                   fax: 593-4-453582  Guayaquil                           

Ecuador        Financiera UNO                                      Mr. Gustavo Amador  phone: 593-4- 325900 or 566677     

                                                                   fax: 325900 Guayaquil                                  

Ecuador        Fondo Ecuatoriano Canadiense de Desarrollo          Pablo Salazar  phone: 468-441  fax: 469-765            

Ecuador        Fundación Autoempleo                                Dr. Marcelo Andrade or Mr. Martin Uraga  phone:        

                                                                   5934-526447 or 593-4-306-432 or 305-951  fax:          

                                                                   5934-327465 or 593-4-314011 Guayaquil                  

Ecuador        Fundación Ayuda en Acción                           Minna Moncayo  phone: 593-2-254-646  fax:              

                                                                   593-2-529-934 or 593-2-547682                          

Ecuador        Fundación Eugenio Espejo                            Manuel Estrada Paez, director ejecutivo  phone:        

                                                                   593-4-349-613  fax: 593-4-440-029 or 334-672           

Ecuador        Fundación Grupo Popular                             Srta. Mónica Rodriguez  phone: 593-2-567384  fax:      


Ecuador        Fundación Guayaquíl                                 Luis Orellana, director ejecutivo  phone:              

                                                                   593-4-282-001 or 392-497  fax: 593-4-286-362           

Ecuador        Fundación Vicente Rocafuerte                        Mr. José Luis Ortiz  phone: 517-989 or 523-417  fax:   

                                                                   322-304 Guayaquil                                      

Ecuador        FUNDASUR                                            Soc. Raul Marquez, director ejecutivo  phone:          

                                                                   593-4-92-4169  or 961319                               

Ecuador        FUNDESA (Fundación Desarrollo)                      phone: 538-461  fax: 593-240-2362  Quito               

Ecuador        FUNORSAL (Fundación de Organizaciones de            German Vasconez or Mendez Perez Carlos  phone: 981703  

               Salinas)                                             fax: 593-3-980495 or 982140                           
Ecuador        FUPPEI (Fundación Promotora del Pequeño 

               Empresario Informal) 
Ecuador        INSOTEC (Instituto de Investigaciones               Dr. José Antonio Lanusse Storni, director ejecutivo    

               socio-económicas y tecnológicas)                    or Galo Erazo V.  phone: 593-2-550-527 or 543-260      

                                                                   fax: 593-2-566-585  Quito                              

Ecuador        MCCH                                                Graciano Mazon  phone: 670925  fax: 593-6-70927        

Ecuador        PRODEM/FED (Fundación Ecuatoriana de                César Alarcón  phone: 5932-570-904 or 210-464  fax:    

               Desarrollo)                                         5932-512-447                                           

Ecuador        Project HOPE Income Generation                      Francisco Moreno phone: 593-7-831-358  fax:            


El Salvador    CAM (Centro de Apoyo a la Microempresa)             Sra. Ana Ingrid Colocho de Segovia  phone:             

                                                                   503-2-79-2739 or 224-0032  phone/fax: 503-2-79-1521    

El Salvador    Caritas of the Diocese of Santa Ana (CRS)           phone: 503-981-688  fax: 503-241-739                   

El Salvador    CAS (CARE)                                          Jose Ignacio Claros Tom Rosenberger  phone:            

                                                                   503-243-0199  fax: 503-243-4040                        

El Salvador    CORDESAL                                            Victor N. Mina Bonilla, director ejecutivo  phone:     

                                                                   503-2-793285  fax: 503-2-793286                        

El Salvador    CRS                                                 José Maguina, director  phone: 503-23-9839 fax:        


El Salvador    FEDECACES (Federación de Asociaciones               Héctor David Córdova  phone: 503-226-9171 or 269-014   

               Cooperativas de Ahorro y Crédito)                   fax: 503-268-925                                       

El Salvador    Financiera Calpia (formerly AMPES)                   Silke Muffelmann, directora del proyecto,             

                                                                   phone/fax: 503-298-2006 or 298-2002                    

El Salvador    FINCA                                               Arturo Rosales  phone: 503-2-79-3249  fax:             


El Salvador    FUNSALDE (Fundación Salvadoreña para el             Rosa Amelia Campos  fax: 225-9778                      


El Salvador    FUSADAR (Fundación Salvadoreña para el              Lic. Carlos Abarca Gomez  phone: 279-3811 or 279-3700  

               Desarrollo y Asistencia Rural)                      or 3835  fax: 298-5141                                 

El Salvador    FUSADES/PROPEMI (one program: Asociación            Lic. Alvaro Guatemala  phone: 278-3366  fax: 278-3356  

               Mujeres Campesinas)                                  San Salvador                                          

El Salvador    FUSAI (Fundación Salvadoreña de Apoyo               Luis Antonio Castillo, director  phone: 279-1813 or    

               Integral)                                           224-1186  fax: 224-3310                                

El Salvador    Servicio Crediticio AMPEX                           Pedro Dalmau y Gorrita  phone: 222-0478 or 222-7779    

                                                                   fax: 281-6551                                          

Guadeloupe     FIDEG (Femmes et Initiatives Pour le                                                                       

               Developpement Economique de la Guadeloupe)                                                                 


Guatemala      ACT (Associación de Cooperación Técnica)            phone: 0391050                                         

Guatemala      ADEPH (Asociación para el Desarrollo del            Lic. Obed Velásquez, gerente  phone: 502-9-631941 or   

               Potencial Humano)                                   3  fax: 618593                                         

Guatemala      AGUDESA (Asociación Guatemalteca para el            Sabino Chan  phone/fax:502-0392307 or  502-039-1274    


Guatemala      ALIANZA para el Desarrollo Juvenil (Save the        Arturo Echeverría Jordan, director ejecutivo           

               Children)                                           phone:502-2-326-212 or 342338  fax: 502-2-342338       

Guatemala      APROPRA (Asociación Promotora de Proyectos de       Lic. Julio Lavarreda  phone: 502-2-24165 or 516062     

               Autogestión)                                        fax: 502-2-24165                                       

Guatemala      ASIDE                                               phone: 502-2-326-861  fax: 502-2-947-562               

Guatemala      Asociación Civil Guatemalteca para el               Sr. Eleazar Barrios, gerente  phone: 0710612  fax:     

               Desarrollo Integral                                 0710538                                                

Guatemala      Asociación de Mujeres en Desarrollo                 phone/fax: 502-9-310-791                               

Guatemala      Asociación Movimiento Fe y Alegría                  Ing. Hans Auer  phone: 519-108 or 512-855  fax:        


Guatemala      ASODESPT (Asociación Desarrollo para Todos)         Lic. Francisco Leal  phone: 515133 or 302-226  fax:    


Guatemala      AYNLA (Asociación Ayúdense y Nosotros les           Francisco de León, director ejecutivo  phone/fax:      

               Ayudaremos)                                         0551290                                                

Guatemala      CARE Guatemala: Village Banking Program             Louis Alexander, Edgar Ortiz or Jay Jackson or Carlos  

                                                                   Gonzales  phone: 5022-391-139  fax: 5022-391-149 or    

                                                                   502-2-391164, Louis Alexander, SEAD Coordinator        

Guatemala      Christian Children's Fund                           Dr. Luis Rolando Torres  phone: 502-2-34-7375 or 3909  

                                                                    fax: 502-2-32-1081                                    

Guatemala      FAFIDES                                             Ing. Reynold O. Walter, director ejecutivo             

                                                                   phone/fax: 502-315428                                  

Guatemala      FAPE (Fundación de Asistencia para la Pequeña       Ing. Mario Aragón Rivas  phone: 320-601 or 312-585     

               Empresa)                                            fax: 942-474                                           

Guatemala      FDM (Fundación para el Desarrollo de la Mujer)      María Aida de Gonzalez, directora ejecutiva  phone:    

                                                                   502-2-322-248 or 366-471                               

Guatemala      FENACOAC (Federación Nacional de Cooperativas       Sincrito Cifuentes  phone: 502-231-9946 or 234-1519    

               de Ahorro, Crédito y Servicios)                     fax: 502-232-6484                                      

Guatemala      FINCA                                               Adriana Rivera Irias  phone: 502-2-60-85-26  fax:      


Guatemala      Fondo de Inversión Social                           Lic. Pablo Schnalder  phone/fax: 602468 or 602478      

Guatemala      FUNDACEDI (Fundación para la Educación y el         Alvaro Muniz Betancourth, director general             

               Desarrollo Integral)                                                                                       

Guatemala      FUNDACEN (Fundación del Centavo)                    Hernan Quan Berducido, director ejecutivo  phone:      

                                                                   502-2--323701 or 322443                                

Guatemala      FUNDAP (Fundación para el Desarrollo Integral       Jorge Gándara,director  phone: 011-502-961-8338 or     

               de Programas Socioeconómicos)                       8348  fax: 011-502-963-0091                            

Guatemala      FUNDEAGRO                                           phone: 519854                                          

Guatemala      FUNDEMIX (Fundación de Desarrollo de Mixco)         Sra. Herla del Carmen Santos, directora ejecutiva      

                                                                   phone: 944-866                                         

Guatemala      FUNDESPE                                            phone: 502-9-630-254                                   

Guatemala      GENESIS (FUNTEC)                                    Edgar Ramiro Búcaro Rosales, director  phone:          

                                                                   5022-32-13-46 or 49   fax: 5022-321-364                

Guatemala      MGRR Guatemala Rural Reconstruction Movement        Juan Cordova, director  phone: 502-2-351-866  fax:     


Guatemala      MICROS (Fundación para el Desarrollo de la          Lic. Mauricio González, director ejecutivo  phone:     

               Microempresa)                                       766-361  or 731-110  fax: 731579                       

Guatemala      MUDE (Mujeres en Desarrollo)                        Catarina Mendoza, director  phone/fax:                 


Guatemala      PER III                                                                                                    

Guatemala      PROSEM                                                                                                     

Guatemala      Red Integral                                        Adolfo Acosta, director  fax: 539957                   

Guatemala      SHARE                                               David Arrivillaga, Gerente Proyectos  or Juan Ramon,   

                                                                   encargado de bancos  phone: 681845 or 322550  fax:     


Guyana         Guyana Co-op Credit Union League                    Colin Stewart, manager  phone: 592-25-3237  fax:       


Haiti          Centres Pour Le Developpement et La Sante            fax: 50923-2307                                       

Haiti          Fonds Haitien d'aide a la Femme                      Danielle Lustin, director  phone: 011-509-456-709     

                                                                   fax: 509-462-165                                       

Haiti          Foundation Haitienne de Developpment                fax: 509-45-4635                                       

Haiti          IICA (FINCA)                                        Marie-Jessie Felix phone: 509-37-2466 fax:             

                                                                   509-45-4034 (public)                                   

Haiti          Mennonite Econ. Dev. Ass.                           Jean Claude Cerin  phone and fax: 011-509-463-152      

Haiti          Office de Promotion des Petites Entrprises          phone/fax: 509-1-463-152                               

Honduras       ADECOH                                              José León Aguilar  phone: 93-2409                      

Honduras       ADHE                                                fax: 32-2350                                           

Honduras       AHDEJUMUR (Asociación Hondureña para el             Raquel Asaula  phone: 504-37-4913  fax: 504-22-3880    

               Desarrollo de la Juventud y la Mujer Rural)                                                                

Honduras       APP (Agua para el Pueblo)                           504-32-8287 or  31-4359  fax: 504-31-4328              

Honduras       ASEPADE                                             Lic. Juan Ramón Martínez  phone: 39-1265 or 22-7120    

                                                                   fax: 442188                                            

Honduras       Asociación Hermandad                                Ing. José León Aguilar  phone: 63-3938                 

Honduras       Banco Occidente                                     Maria de los Angeles Carracioli                        

Honduras       CDH                                                 phone: 32-21515  fax: 39-1160                          

Honduras       CHF (Cooperative Housing Foundation)                Theresa Kilbane, country director  phone: 504-315-276  

                                                                    fax: 504-315-282                                      

Honduras       Christian Children's Fund                           Mrs. Norma S. de Sierra  phone: 504-36-8265 or 8266    

                                                                   fax: 504-36-8314 attention: CCF Honduras               

Honduras       COLPROCAH                                           phone: 37-7784  fax: 37-6928                           

Honduras       CRS                                                 phone: 32-64-21 or 6-36                                

Honduras       FAMA (Familia y Medio Ambiente)                     Camila Elvir, director phone/fax: 504-85-2773          

Honduras       Federación de Cooperativas de Ahorro, Crédito       Carlomagno Amaya  phone: 504-366-205  fax:             


Honduras       FEHCIL (Federación Hondureña de Cooperativas        phone: 37-88-095                                       


Honduras       FEPRON (Fomento Evangélico para el Progreso de      Roberto Sevilla, director ejecutivo  phone: 31-0374    

               Honduras)                                           fax: 31-2222                                           

Honduras       FINCA                                               Gladis de Enriquez phone/fax: 504-32-6997              

Honduras       FUNADEH                                             Lic. Martha Abarca  phone: 52-7027                     

Honduras       Fundación para el Artesano y el Artista                                                                    

               Popular Hondureño                                                                                          

Honduras       FUNED (Fundación para el Desarrollo de              Josué Abel Ramos R. or Paulino Galvez, director        

               Honduras)                                           phone: 504-369805 or 36820  fax: 504-367108            

Honduras       FUNHDEMU (Fundación Hondureña para el               phone: 32-6549                                         

               Desarrollo de la Mujer) (WWB)                                                                              

Honduras       Instituto para el Desarrollo Hondureño              Rodolfo Gradiz, director ejecutivo  phone: 37-6295 or  


Honduras       ODEF (Organización Desarrollo Empresarial           Santa de Euceda, director  phone: 011-504-52-35-71     

               Femenino)) (Katalysis)                              fax: 011-504-52-70-34 or 8349                          

Honduras       Plan International                                  Leonidas Pineda, sub-director  phone: 53-4289 or       


Honduras       Project HOPE Income Generation                      Marco Antonio Suazo or Carol Elwin phone: 504 3820 19  

                                                                    fax: 504 3821 39                                      

Honduras       WINROCK International (Honduras Irrigation          Carlos Valderrama  phone: 504-34-2792 or 334768  fax:  

               Development Project)                                504-34-2792                                            

Honduras       World Relief Honduras                               Roberto Ruíz  phone: 504-32-7667  fax: 32-6139         

Jamaica        ASSIST                                              Miss. Franzia Edwards  phone: 809-967-3153 or 4  or    

                                                                   922-0166  fax: 809-967-3263                            

Jamaica        Bank of Nova Scotia                                  Mr. William Clark, managing director  phone:          

                                                                   809-9221000  fax: 809-9675082                          

Jamaica        City of Kingston Credit Union                       Mrs. Aloun N'Dombet-Assamba, managing director         

                                                                   phone: 809-929-6180 (3)  fax: 809-929-4028             

Jamaica        FWWB (Friends of Women's World Banking)             Ms. Melrose Wiggan, president  phone: 809-924-9268 or  

                                                                   809-9297190 (through 5)  fax: 809-924-9650             

Jamaica        Jamaica Co-op Credit Union League                   Glen Francis, manager  phone: 809-926-7767/926-2396    

                                                                   fax: 929-2097                                          

Jamaica        Jamaica Enterprise Development Trust                Mr. Audley Walker  phone: 809-922-1960 or 967-3837 or  


Jamaica        Jamaican Workers Bank                               Mr. Delroy Lindsay  phone: 809-9684287 (9)  fax:       


Jamaica        National Dev. Foundation of Jamaica                 Billy Heaven  phone: 929-4100  fax: 926-1216           

Jamaica        Self Start Fund                                     Frank Whylie  phone: 960-1988  fax: 929-3499           

Mexico         ADEM (Associación de Empresarias Mexicanas)                                                                


Mexico         ADMIC                                               José Benito Cabello Zul, director  phone:              

                                                                   528-3-74-62-18 or 63-22  fax: 528-3-74-63-13           

Mexico         AMUCSS (Asociación Mexicana de Uniones de           Lic. Isabel Cruz Hernandez  phone: 52-5 271-2205 or    

               Crédito del Sector Social)                          515-7750  fax: 52-5-515-7750                           

Mexico         Central de Servicios para el Desarrollo de          Jesús Ortíz Casel phone:91-22-3012-44 or try           

               Puebla                                              Fundación Mexidana para el Desarrollo (intermediate)   

                                                                   Antonio Ruíz García at fax: 525-260-7412               

Mexico         Christian Children's Fund                           Ms. Laura Roman  phone: 52-5-672-7211 or 7406  fax:    

                                                                   52-5-672-7987 (call first) or 52-5-672-7406            

Mexico         CPM (Caja Popular Mexicana)                         José Abelardo López Muñoz or Manuel Lozano Amaral      

                                                                   phone:52-48-11-64-00 or 52-48-13-4058 or 13-4550       

                                                                   fax: 52-48-17-9071                                     

Mexico         FAC (Fundación para el Apoyo de la Comunidad)       Fr. Enrique Gonzalea Torres  phone: 208-5561 or        


Mexico         FINMICRO                                                                                                   

Mexico         FMDR (Fundación Mexicana para el Desarrollo         Fernando Casas Bernard, director  phone: 250-1852 or   

               Rural)                                              211-4783  fax: 211-4908 or 531-5265                    

Mexico         NAFIN (Nacional Financiera)                         Hector Arangua Morales, executive vice president       

                                                                   phone: 522-550-4830 ext 1449  fax: 628-2028            

Mexico         Patronato del Ahorro Nacional                       phone: 525-592-80-18  fax: 525-535-2859                

Mexico         PDP (Promoción del Desarrollo Popular)              Cristina Lavalle Legaspi, directora  phone:            

                                                                   525-566-4265 or 535-0325  fax: 525-592-1989            

Nicaragua      ADP (Asociación Para el Desarrollos de los          phone: 283005 or 281360  fax: 664878                   


Nicaragua      Ayuda en Acción                                     Carlos Hernandez, director  phone/fax: 505-2-74018     
Nicaragua      Banco de Agricultura 
Nicaragua      Banco del Campo                                                                                            

Nicaragua      CEPAD (Centro Evangelico Para el Desarrollo)        Armando Gutierrez  phone: 505-2-664-628 or 665216      

                                                                   fax: 505-2-664-236                                     

Nicaragua      CESADE                                              Ms. Melba Reyes  phone: 505-2-780-847  fax:            


Nicaragua      CRS                                                 phone: 011-505-2-662224                                

Nicaragua      FACS (Fundación Augusto César Sandino)              Roberto Muñoz Moreira or Edwin Zablah  phone:          

                                                                   505-2-785651 or 75706  fax: 505-2-675670               

Nicaragua      FAMA                                                phone: 505-2-25201 or 22259  fax: 505-2-668-689        

Nicaragua      FECACNIC (Federación de Cooperativas de Ahorro      Fanor Calero Blanco  phone: 505-2-66-6690 or 2296      

               y Crédito de Nicaragua)                             fax: 505-2-62-4004 or 4005                             

Nicaragua      Fundación para el Apoyo de la Micro                 Sra. Leana L. Vidaurre  phone: 505-2-668-690  fax:     


Nicaragua      Mennonite Econ. Dev. Ass.                           Roberto Garcia Aviles phone: 011-505-52-4711 fax:      


Nicaragua      Nitlapan-UCA                                        Pedro Marchetti  fax: 670436                           

Nicaragua      Small Business Development--Programa de             phone/fax: 505-2-783-288                               

               Mercadeo para la Artesanía                                                                                 

Panama         COAS (Cooperativa Agropecuaria Santeña)             Emilio Vergara  phone: 507-94-6293 or 6742  fax:       


Panama         COLAC (Confederación Latinoamericana de             Ramiro Valderrama Carvajal, gerente general  phone:    

               Cooperativs de Ahorro y Crédito)                    507-27-3322  fax: 507-27-3768                          

Panama         Federación de Cooperativas de Ahorro y Crédito      Hernán Taylor  phone: 507-273-513  fax: 507-274-261    

Panama         INDESA (Instituto de Investigación y Educción       Abel Acosta Quiel, presidente ejecutivo  phone:        

               para el Desarrollo)                                 507-61-5551 or 61-6586  fax: 507-61-2592               

Panama         MultiCredit Bank/Acción Empresarial                 Norberto Delgado, director ejecutivo  phone:           

                                                                   507-69-0188 or 64-3547  fax: 507-644-014               

Panama         PRODES (Centro de Estudio para la Promoción         Inola A. Mapp, directora ejecutiva  phone/fax:         

               del Desarrollo)                                     507-24-1711                                            

Paraguay       CONEB                                               Ms. Hortensia Galli de Mersan, president phone:        

                                                                   23-756 or 200-044  Asunción                            

Paraguay       COPAFI                                              Mr. Juan B. Monges Wagner, president or Mr. Gustavo    

                                                                   Mazo Elizeche, manager  phone/fax: 595-291-455         

Paraguay       CREDICOOP (Central Cooperativa Nacional)            Justo Vera Diaz  phone: 595-21-50-1819 or 1825  fax:   


Paraguay       FUNDIN (Fundación Industrial)                       phone: 212-556 or 7  fax: 595-21-213360  Asunción      

Paraguay       FUPACODE                                            Mr. Martin Burt  phone: 595-2144-3656 or               

                                                                   595-21-490295 fax: 595-2149-2108                       

Paraguay       Grupo de Pequeños Obreros                           Mr. David Miranda  phone: 595-31-2827  Concepción      

Peru           Acción Comunitaria del Perú                         Manuel Montoya Larios, director ejecutivo or Jesús     

                                                                   Ferreyra  phone:511-433-5916 or  5114-338-630 or       

                                                                   281-950  fax: 5114-335-903                             

Peru           ACUDE (Acción Cristiana Unida para el               Moises Palma S., director ejecutivo  phone/fax:        

               Desarrollo)                                         5114-454-629 Lima                                      

Peru           ADRA (Adventist Development and Relief Agency       Heriberto Muller, director phone: 011-51-14-46-9032    

               International)                                      or 45-8297  fax: 011-51-14-46-7130 or 46-6374          

Peru           Alternativa                                         Jesús Aguilar  phone: 481-5801  fax: 481-6826          

Peru           Ayuda en Acción                                     Victor Chirinos, director  phone: 51-14-224-1357       

                                                                   fax: 51-14-410-329                                     

Peru           Cajas Municipales Cusco                             Cusco phone: 233-660  fax: 233-6660 but this is only   

                                                                   one of the network of Cajas--need central number       

Peru           CANDELA                                             Gaston Vizcarra, presidente  phone: 5114-614-556       

                                                                   fax: 5114-426-696                                      

Peru           CARE                                                Guillermo Fajardo or Sandy Laumark, country director,  

                                                                   phone: 5114-317-430 or 4334781  fax: 5114-334-753      

Peru           CDI (Centro para el Desarrollo Industrial)          Jorge Luis Puert, director ejecutivo  phone:           

                                                                   5184-228-537  fax: 5184-221-330  Cusco                 

Peru           Centro Mujer y Sociedad                                                                                    

Peru           CES Solidaridad                                     Angel Fernandez  phone: 235015  fax: 243034            

Peru           CESA (Centro de Servicios Agropecuarios)            Luis Revilla Sta. Cruz, director  phone: 5184-238071   

                                                                   or 226893  fax: 5184-226893  Cusco                     

Peru           Coordinadora Rural                                  Maria Alvarez Moyorca  phone: 471-5238  fax: 471-9093  

Peru           DETEC (Asociación Cultural y Científica             César Campos Rodríguez, director ejecutivo  phone:     

               "Tecnología y Desarrollo")                          044-258-366 or 044-244-450  fax: 044-247-661 Trujillo  

Peru           FAENA (Asociación Fomento de la Autogestión         Humberto Ortiz Roca, director  phone: 243-379 or       

                                                                   524514  fax: 243-379  Lima                             

Peru           Federación de Cooperativas de Ahorro y Crédito      Manuel Rabines Ripalda phone: 51-14-246-769 or         

                                                                   32-4825  fax: 51-14-331-423                            

Peru           Federación Peruana de Cajas Municipales de          Juan Klingenberger  phone: 51-1-463-9522  phone/fax:   

               Ahorro y Crédito                                    51-1-463-0945                                          

Peru           FINCA                                               phone: 225-643 or 426-696                              

Peru           FONDECAP                                            Rene Apaza, director  fax: 51-54-243276 or 222932      

Peru           Habitad Tacna                                       Victor Hugo Rondinel, director  fax: 51-54-722530      

Peru           Habitat Cusco  Siglo XXI                            phone: 232-700  fax: 232-700                           

Peru           IDESI (Instituto para el Desarrollo del Sector      Ms. Susana Pinilla Cisneros  phone: 51-14-414-768      

               Informal)                                           fax: 51-14-704-140                                     

Peru           IFFOC                                               Alfonso Lopez, director  fax: 51-84-233-005            

Peru           INPET                                               phone: 424-7662  fax: 431-6105                         

Peru           Movimiento Manuela Ramos                            Alicia Villanueva, responsable proyectos productivos   

                                                                   phone: 245-251  fax: 234-031 or 51-1-431-1313  Lima    

Peru           Mujer y Sociedad                                    Ms. Martha Paz, director  fax: 51-1-472-9005           

Peru           SEPAR                                               Ms. Elizabeth Ventura  fax: 51-64-223261 or 234185     

Suriname       Suriname Credit Union League                        phone: 597-4-9-8010  fax: 597-4-9-8901                 

Trinidad       Co-operative Credit Union League of Trinidad &      Virgil Patrick, manager  phone: 809-622-4896 or 3100   

and Tobago     Tobago                                              fax: 809-622-4800                                      

Trinidad       WWB/Trinidad & Tobago                                                                                      

and Tobago                                                                                                                

Uruguay        Centro Cooperativista Uruguayo                      Pablo Guarino, presidente   phone: 598-2-412541 or     

                                                                   409066  fax: 598-2-406735                              

Uruguay        Federación Uruguaya de Cooperativas de Ahorro       Javier Pi León  phone: 598-2-920-804  fax:             

               y Crédito                                           598-2-962-540 or 911-506                               

Uruguay        FUAAM (Fundación Uruguaya de Ayuda y                Cra. Raquel Remersaro  phone: 598-2-909628  fax:       

               Asistencia a la Mujer) (WWB)                        598-2-901628                                           

Uruguay        FUNDASOL (Fundación Uruguaya de Cooperación y       Miguel Kaplan phone: 598-2-402020  fax: 598-2-481485   

               Desarrollo Solidario)                                                                                      

Venezuela      Asociación Civil Banauge                                                                                   

Venezuela      Asociación Damas Salesianas                         Ivette de Sanchez, gerente general  phone:             

                                                                   582-323-214 or 5  fax: 582-323-217  Caracas            

Venezuela      Banco Interamericano de Ahorro y Préstamo           phone: 582-781-76-22  fax: 582-781-15-46               

Venezuela      CECONAVE (Central Cooperativa de Venezuela)         Humberto Rojas or Ricardo Gonzalez, presidente         

                                                                   phone: 58-41-42-1525 or 0619 or 582-561-7444 or        

                                                                   563-2260  fax: 58-41-42-0619 or 582-564-2168  Caracas  

Venezuela      CENDER (Centro de Enseñanza para el Desarrollo      Lindolfo Bastidas, coordinador general  phone: 821762  

               Rural)                                               Calderas                                              

Venezuela      Centro El Paraguero                                                                                        

Venezuela      El Portachuelo                                                                                             

Venezuela      FUDEP (Fundación para el Desarrollo de la           Mary Gloria Olivo Espinoza, directora general  phone:  

               Economía Popular)                                   582-89-1424 or 5814-27-1016  fax: 582-89-1424          


Venezuela      Fundación Eugenio Mendoza                           Dr. Luisa Rodriguez de Mendoza, president              

                                                                   phone:576-08-61-576-11-50 or   582-573-0731 or 1131    

                                                                   fax: 576-11-50 or 582-576-0847 or 571-5008             

Venezuela      La Casa del Nuevo Pueblo                                                                                   

Venezuela      Nuevo Almanecer                                                                                            

Venezuela      UNIANDES (MERIDA)                                                                                          

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