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What can you do on microfinance networks?
Info Access
Info Sharing
Info dissemination

awareness building
capacity development
common training
develop model frameworks
discuss methodologies
education and sensitization
exchange mutual advice
financing sources
find expertise
impact analysis
info on microfinance projects
info on publications
institutional development
inter-client nets
internet resources
knowledge creation
legal/regulatory frameworks
monitoring + evaluation
mutual support
news & events info
performance measures
policy development
programme/project support
synthesis for media
training courses
training of trainers

Workshop discussion, Sofia, Bulgaria,
April 9-11, 1997
Strong regional and country-level networks will enable microfinance practitioners to exchange experience, build common performance standards, and influence government policy to facilitate the growth of microfinance institutions. These measures are essential if microfinance is to fulfill its potential in alleviating poverty and building broad-based economic development.

- WWB UNDP Workshop in Addis Ababa, March 1998.

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