The Coalition for Microfinance Standards is a group of NGOs, government agencies, and other institutions which believe that there is a need to develop operating and financial standards for more effective and efficient delivery of financial services to the Filipino poor. This group has now more than 56 Coalition members consisting of practitioners, and concerned policy and resource agencies.

Most Philippine microcredit institutions are hampered from scaling up due to a traditional mindset, lack of knowledge, technology and trained personnel, and limited operating capital. Overall, the NGOs' marginal outreach and limited capability are attributed to the lack of common standards which can guide the growth and capacities of the institutions and their clients. Hence, this Coalition was formed in order to develop, propagate and advocate standards for NGO microfinance programs. This will mean greater access to financial services on a viable and sustainable basis.

This project has five major project components, namely: 1) coalition formation, 2) research, 3) developing and promoting standards, 4) training, and 5) advocacy.

This project is funded by USAID Philippines under its Civil Society program. The Project Holder is TSPI Development Corporation, a leading NGO in the field of microfinance. The major activities of the Coalition are funded by USAID, with significant counterpart contributions from the Coalition members.

Coalition objectives.
The primary objective of the coalition is to develop and promote standards for NGO microfinance operations that seek to provide the poor with greater access to financial services on a viable and sustainable basis. Bounded together by a common objective and a common set of beliefs (which is called "The Core Principles"), the coalition moves and acts together as one.

Six key results.
The project aims to deliver six major results:

  1. An increased body of information on microfinance in the Philippines that is used by practitioners in the public and private sectors;
  2. More skilled microfinance workers able to disseminate skills and knowledge;
  3. A set of core standards on microfinance;
  4. A number of Microfinance institutions have been provided with technical assistance on how to refocus or improve their operations to achieve institutional viability and greater reach among the poor;
  5. Increased public and sectoral awareness of the proposed standards for microfinance and the opportunities for providing financial services to the poor.
  6. Advocacy efforts with national policy groups on the proposed microfinance standards as well as on specific reforms needed to create a favorable policy environment for microfinance.

The implementing organizational structure of the Project consistd of three major groups: the Policy Advisory Group (PAG); Project Support Group (PSG); and the Secretariat.

The Policy Advisory Group (PAG) is the core group of the coalition. It focuses its attention on the development of standards and other related technical and policy issues. The Project Support Group (PSG) represents TSPI Development Corporation as Project Holder. The PSG monitors project implementation and shall be specifically in charge of fund management and internal control for proper accountability. It shall also be the executive decision-making body of the Coalition. The Secretariat is responsible for the coordination and/or management of all project activities. It shall provide the day-to-day oversight of the project. administrative support for the Coalition and the management of all sub-contracts shall also be the Secretariat's main responsibility. Currently, the Coalition has a full-time Secretariat and holds office in this address:

Microfinance Standards Coalition Secretariat,
c/o TSPI Development Corporation,
Unit B, Basement, Padilla Bldg.,
Emerald Avenue, Ortigas Center, Pasig City
Metro Manila, Philippines
Tel. nos. (632) 633-5904, (632) 631-57-20 and (632) 635-01-56
Fax number: (632) 633-5904
E-mail address

The Secretariat has Project Manager in the person of Mr.Clarence Dingcong who leads a lean Secretariat staff. Mr. Carlos Ani serves as Project Coordinator.

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