Implementing structure of the Project

The implementing organizational structure of the Project shall consist of three major groups: the Policy Advisory Group (PAG); Project Support Group (PSG); and the Secretariat.

The Policy advisory Group (PAG) is the core group of the coalition and it shall serve as the policy advisory body of the whole coalition. It shall focus its attention on the development of standards and other related technical and policy issues. It shall lead in the advocacy of the standards and shall assure the active participation of members in the coalition as well the necessary support and information to the PSG and Secretariat.

The Project Support Group (PSG) represents TSPI Development Corporation as Project Holder. The PSG shall be responsible for the monitoring of project implementation and shall be specifically in charge of fund management and internal control for proper accountability. It shall also be the executive decision-making body of the Coalition. As such it shall be responsible for the approval of contracts and the terms of reference; review of progress reports of the Secretariat; and decide on the recommendations of the Secretariat to improve Project implementation.

The Secretariat will be responsible for the coordination and/or management of all project activities. It shall provide the day-to-day oversight of the Project. Administrative support for the Coalition and the management of all sub-contracts shall also be the Secretariat's responsibility. It shall be headed by a Project Manager who will be assisted by a Project Coordinator and a lean team consisting of a Training and Organizational Development Manager, Advocacy Officer, Research and Information Officer, an Administrative Assistant and a Utility/Messenger. The Project Manager shall be mainly responsible for planning, organizing and directing the activities and resources of the project towards the attainment of its goals. The Project Coordinator is responsible for establishing and maintaining the basic operating systems of the Secretariat; coordinating all assigned key activities of the project; supervising, leading, directing and controlling the activities of the Project staff, and for the preparation of reports needed by the Project Holder and the Donor Agency. The Secretariat, through the Project Manager, shall report directly to the PSG for matters related to management and administration, and to the PAG for policy related issues.

At the different stages of the Project the Secretariat shall be assisted by short term contractual personnel. These personnel, which, among others include short-term consultants, programmer, data encoder, will be hired to ensure timely and quality attainment of Project objectives.

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