The humanization of the Landscape. An excursion into radical theory and practice

by Raff Carmen
University of Manchester
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ZED Books 1996 (256 p) ISBN 1 856493881 >> L 14.95

At a time of widespread disillusion with what development has done to the lives of millions of marginalised people over the past 40 years, this book revisits the primary question of what it ought really to be about.

Drawing on the reflections and writings of Latin American, Asian and African development activists and thinkers whose work is too little known outside their own continents, Raff Carmen finds development wanting both as an epistemological category and as a sound operational practice.

His book presents a counter-view in terms of which development ought to become a project of people's own autonomous agency. People need to be free as subjects of the process of change, 'inventing their own future' as authors of a culturally-embedded, gender-permeated, economic and political process of transforming and humanizing the landscapes they inhabit.

AUTONOMOUS DEVELOPMENT is a deeply original, new Development Studies text, rooted in the belief that all people must be treated as beings of worth and exploring what autonomy can in practice mean in cultural, managerial and political terms.

Raff Carmen has spent twenty years in Zambia and Burkina Faso. he now teaches at the University of Manchester.

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ZED Books
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London N1 9PL
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