Getting the framework right
Policy and regulation for microfinance in Asia

Paul B. McGuire, John D. Conroy and Ganesh B. Thapa

 Recent years have seen microfinance recognised as an important tool for reducing poverty in developing countries. In Asia, leading microfinace institutions such as the Grameen Bank and the Bangladesh Rural Advancement Committee (BRAC) have achieved international reputations. Much is now known about issues of outreach, effectives and sustainability.

Considerably less is known about the impact of the external environment on microfinance institutions. This report seeks to fill that gap, examining how governments in the region and external agnecies can establish a policy and regulatory environment supportive of microfinance. Many of the conclusions, drawn from Asian experience, will prove to have wider application.

This report was commissioned by the Banking With The Poor (BWTP) Network, a network of some 35 institutions in Asia involved in microfinance. The authors conducted more than 250 interviews with microfinace practioners, bankers, regulators and policymakers in nine countries in South and Southeast Asia. Detailed country studies underpin the analysis of the main report.

As well as reviewing the current policies of governments and donors, the report analyses regulatory and prudential frameworks for both non-bank microfinance institutions and banks offering microfinance services. Its recommendations are both practical and far-reaching, and will proe an invaluable guide for policymakers, as well as for donors, practioners and other supporters of microfinance.

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