Housing Microfinance: A Guide to Practice

Edited by Franck Daphnis, CHF International and Bruce Ferguson, The World Bank

This is the first book to give a comprehensive overview of the new field of housing microfinance practice worldwide. The expert contributors provide guidance to practitioners and policymakers on what works best, and look at the applicability of developing-world experience for housing microfinance in the United States.

The book takes experience from the separate fields of housing policy and microfinance and explores what each can learn from the other. The contributors review the important issues for microfinance institutions which are considering expanding into housing, or providers of conventional housing loans who seek to offer products for poor clients who lack collateral, or a regular salary income.

Although there are differences between the low-income housing market in the United States and in developing countries, there are lessons from international experience that can be applied domestically, and the book also explores this topic.

With lessons for both housing policymakers and housing microfinance practitioners, this will be a crucial book in putting the new field of housing microfinance on the map.

Foreword Robert P. Christen
Preface and Acknowledgments
List of Abbreviations

  1. Housing Microfinance: Towards a Definition - Franck Daphnis
  2. The Key Importance of Housing Microfinance - Bruce Ferguson
  3. Housing Microfinance: The State of the Practice - Alejandro Escobar and Sally Merrill
  4. Market Assessment for Housing Microfinance - Mayada Baydas
  5. Elements of Product Design for Housing Microfinance - Franck Daphnis
  6. Construction Assistance and Housing Microfinance Kimberly Tilock
  7. Land and Collateral Issues: The Asset Dimension of Housing Microfinance - Irene Vance
  8. The Context of Housing Microfinance in the United States - Kenneth Temkin with Bruce Ferguson
  9. The Market for Housing Microfinance in the United States - Kil Huh and Lopa Kolluri
  10. Expand Entry-Level Housing: A Key Lesson from Developing Countries for the United States - Bruce Ferguson and Michael Marez
  11. The Future for Housing Microfinance in the United States - Sohini Sarkar and Katharine W. McKee
  12. Taking Housing Microfinance to Scale: Advice for Governments and Donors - Mohini Malhotra

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January, 2004 / 320 pages
Publisher: Kumarian Press, Inc

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