The Development of the Financial Sector in Southeast Europe : Innovative Approaches in Volatile Environments

Eds. Ingrid Mathaus Maier and J.D. von Pischke

The editors of this brand new book present a very informative set of papers that provide a realistic assessment of the financial sector development supported by kfw and its partners in Southeast Europe since the 1990s. It is an essential read for donors who want to support financial sector development in transition economies and conflict affected areas, practitioners who want to try innovative ways to increase their outreach to unconventional clientele, and to researchers who want to understand the challenges and opportunities for financial institutions in volatile environments.

The various chapters focus on the links between the financial sector and economic development, on the components of successful and innovative financial sector approaches such as downscaling efforts of commercial banks and specialized micro and SME banks to improve financial services to small entrepreneurs, refugees and other underprivileged groups, on the impact of financial sector projects at the household, institutional and financial sector levels and on the potential for more private sector leadership in institutional development and commercialization.

All chapters, except for one, are set in the context of SouthEast Europe. The 16 chapters are arranged in 5 parts

  • Part I - The evolution of financial sector and economic development in Southeast Europe
  • Part II - Innovative approaches to building financial sectors in Southeast Europe
  • Part III - Pioneering banks and bankers in Southeast Europe
  • Part IV - Research and impact analysis for accountability and management
  • Part V - Summary and conclusion

Authors of these chapters include Arnaud Mehl, Adalbert Winkler, Doris Kohn, Wolfram Erhard, Klaus Glaubitt, Haje Schutte, Syed Aftab Ahmed, Elizabeth Wallace, Elizabeth Rhyne, Volker Neuschutz, Alexander Witte, Claus Peter Zeitinger, Jan Baechle, Franz Heidhues, Elizabeth Dunn, Abena Addai, Sylvia Wisniwski and Klaus Maurer.


Published by: Springer-Verlag, Berlin and New York, 2004 Hard cover, 245 pages.

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