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Introduction The Virtual Library on Microcredit presents an interesting case where an information resource that started on, and is primarily internet-based, has spawned a number of non-internet activities

Regional networks Much of the non-internet and outreach activities on behalf of the website involve participation and providing support to regional meetings and networks of microfinance institutions. Currently programmes and networks in India, Southeast Asia and Central/Eastern Europe are being assisted. Reports and other information from these activities are made available online on the website.

Presentations Presentations of the website contents are frequently done in various fora to increase participation in its development. The most prominent and recent opportunity was at the Microcredit Summit (Meeting the Challenges Session II, 3.00 to 4.30 pm, 3 February 1997). A simple one-page brochure with explanations on contents and addresses is sent out regularly to interested persons and organizations.

Internet Assistance Microfinance programmes that have access to an internet service provider (ISP) and are interested in writing their own homepages (or have queries regarding internet publishing) are assisted with appropriate inputs.

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