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SHARENET - electronic mailing list for microfinance professionals. Practical give and take. Sharing of valuable information.
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Moderator: Carlos Ani -

If you are a microfinance practitioner, worker, donor or consultant, we invite you to join our electronic network of microfinance professionals called SHARENET.

What is SHARENET? This is an informal network of microfinance practitioners created to share information among themselves. They include microfinance professionals, practitioners, MFI managers, consultants, donors and support organizations.

The idea behind SHARENET is to create a mechanism to share or exchange research papers, documents, information, tools, etc. among busy microfinance professionals and practitioners. It is not a debate forum.

Information may be submitted by SHARENET members such as research papers, discussion papers, reports, postings or issues regarding all aspects of microfinance, microcredit and microenterprise development.

The main guiding spirit and principle of SHARENET is SHARING. We encourage open sharing of articles, papers, reports, technical documents and information that are deemed useful to the whole group.

All materials sent via email are kept in the archives which can be viewed and accessed at anytime through the web. The archives are located at

Joining SHARENET costs you nothing, except that you must be willing to share something to the group. It is a give and take process.

You may join SHARENET anytime. To join, just send an email to and your name (email address) will be included in the mailing list.

You may send messages, postings or contributions, especially articles on microfinance, directly to SHARENET. Just send your email message to: and your message will be distributed to all members of the group. This is a good way to publish your project reports, research papers, etc. It is automatically placed in the webpage which you can then refer to.

The moderator and list-manager is Carlos Ani who can be reached at - A subscriber gets 20 to 40 emails every month in SHARENET.

Join now.

Hari Srinivas -
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