Topics for microfinance training programmes
  1. Financial Instruments to enable Graduation of Clients
    Credit Bureaus
    Micro leasing
    Venture capital
    linking with commercial banks
  2. Group Lending; recent theoretical advances
  3. Group lending: Practice
    Flexible payment schedule; bi-weekly and monthly, limited liability instead of joint liability
  4. Mobilization of Voluntary Savings
  5. Targeting the Hard-core poor
  6. Creating enabling environment for micro-credit institution
  7. New product development for the MFIs, e.g., micro-leasing, loan for family members, flexible savings schemes and smart card.
  8. Internal governance issue at MFIs Graying of the management and line of succession at the flagship institutions.
  9. Financing of MFIs issue bonds, instruments based on income receivable, raising funds in the developed stock market a la Accion and the associated FOREX exposure risk.
  10. Beyond forced saving; mobilizing of saving by MFIS, pension scheme
  11. Replication of successful MFI models
  12. Borrowers sustainability
  13. Information technology and the MFIs
  14. Wholesaling of micro-credit and Apex Organization
  15. Link-up projects
  16. Micro-credit for marginal and small farmers
  17. Credit guarantee schemes
  18. Over crediting and the possibility of cross-financing?
  19. Micro-Macro linkages
  20. Legal and regulatory framework for the success of Micro-credit
  21. Micro-credit for unusual circumstances, e.g., refugee resettlement, resettlement after natural disaster and civil war.
  22. Micro credit for men.
  23. "Upscaling"- Transformation of NGOs into formal and non-bank financial institutions; Accessing Capital Markets
  24. "Downscaling"- Microfinance windows within formal financial institutions"
  25. MFI Employee Incentive Schemes
  26. Management of Information Systems
  27. Qualitative and Participatory Methodologies for monitoring
  28. Start-up Models and Considerations including building on existing insitutions
  29. Cultural considerations in Programming and Product Development
  30. Leadership training for microfinance professionals.

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