Women's Opportunity Fund, an organization started by a group of 10 women in 1992 who put into action an effective and well-implemented solution to a discouraging and complex problem: poverty. They pooled $25,000 of their own funds and raised another $25,000 from their friends. This $50,000 funded a pilot project to explore ways to better reach the extremely poor which tends to be women in developing countries under the guidance of the nonprofit organization, Opportunity International. Their achievements to date demonstrate that by empowering individuals a community can become a successful one. The Women's Opportunity Fund chose to empower women and provide them with the possibility to improve and better their world by converting their everyday sweat into a self-sustaining, profitable activity. The success of their methods magnifies the potential influence which all people possess to make a difference in their local communities and surrounding habitats. At this moment there are nearly 18,000 women working to transform their lives in Bulgaria, Colombia, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Ghana, Guatemala, Honduras, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Nicaragua, the Philippines, Russia, Romania, South Africa, Uganda and Zimbabwe. http://www.opportunity.org/wof/Default.htm http://www.envirolink.org/oneworld/hammer/wof/index.html Women's Opportunity Fund P.O.Box 3695 Oak Brook, IL 60522 Phone: 1-800-7WE-WILL Fax: (630) 279-3107 email: kelly.connolly@opportunity.smxtcn.sprint.com