GDRC Special Announcement
Prof. Mohammed Yunus
wins the Nobel Peace Prize!

13 October 2006

It is with great delight that we learn of the Nobel Foundation's decision to award the Nobel Peace Prize for 2006 to Grameen Bank and its founder, Prof. Muhammad Yunus.

The prize was awarded to Grameen Bank's "efforts to create economic and social development from below". A Press Release from the Nobel Foundation announced on 13 October 2006 that "Lasting peace can not be achieved unless large population groups find ways in which to break out of poverty. Micro-credit is one such means. Development from below also serves to advance democracy and human rights."

GDRC joins the worldwide microcredit and development community in congratulating Prof. Yunus and Grameen Bank for their well-deserved recognition by the Nobel Foundation!

  • "Congratulations, Sir from Aligarh Muslim University - you are indeed an inspiration and the hope of milloins who you may never know but whom you have touched in a lasting meaningful way. May God bless and protect you with good health,the abilty to fulfill your future dreams plans and preserve your respect.Yes,you have found your one moment in time.Our happiness knows no bound."

  • "KUDOS to Dr. Yunus! You are a global inspiration! Because of you, millions were awakened and heeded your cause to uplift women. You gave a new meaning to-real-life economics and women’s struggle. Because of you, a seed was sparked in me to support women entrepreneurship using the grameen principles to help eradicate poverty."
    - Gail Nair, USA

  • "It is a great privilege and honor to express my gratitude and congratulate you from the heart of 160 millions of Bangladeshi and rest of the poor people from around the world."
    - Abu Ahmed, Bangladesh

  • "I was absolutely thrilled to hear of the news for Prof. Yunus. He is one of my heroes and I am hopeful such attention will only inspire others around the world to support and take part in the opportunities to reduce global poverty through microenterprise programs."
    - Roni Richey, USA

  • "Millions of congratulations to Mr. Yunus.He let me feel proud to be a Bangladeshi. I wish his long life and good health."
    - Muntasir Mamun Joarder, Bangladesh

  • "My hearty congratulations to Prof. Yunus and all the members of Grameen Bank family to achieve the world highest honour. I feel really proud to be a Bangladeshi. I will be happy enough when his dream will reach to the every poorest people of Bangladesh and world as wel."
    - Dr.Md. Zakaria Rahman, Bangladesh

  • "It is an inspiration to all of us in the developing world. Thank you Prof., and may your vision shine even to those who do not appreciate the plight of the socially disadvantaged"
    - Ncamiso T. Ntshalintshali, Swaziland

  • "A small step for a banker and a giant leap for the poor"
    - Asma Naz, USA

  • "A very deserved merit for the cause of poverty reduction. Congratulation to the Nobel Foundation, the Grameen Bank and Professor Yunus"
    - Attilio Thomas Mohele, Tanzania

  • "A Worthy Peace Prize! We need more people like Muhammad Yumus in the world."
    - Mary J. McLaughlin, USA

  • "A well deserved and long-overdue recognition. Our humble congratulations to Prof. Yunus!"
    - Md. Iktiar, India

  • "I am very much happy for this awarded to him because, I was observing his micro credit policy for poor people of Bangladesh. I wish him good health to almighty Allah."
    - Tarique Bin Mohammed, Bangladesh

  • "Millions of congratulations to Mr. Yunus. He makes me feel proud to be a Bangladeshi. I wish him long life and good health."
    - Muntasir Mamun Joarder, Bangladesh

  • "Hearty congratulations to Dr Yunus. As a resident of Tripura, India, as a Bengalee and also a research worker in this field, I am feeling proud of his great achievement, which he should have been awarded earlier. "
    - Abhijit Sarkar, India

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