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The Informal Sector
Epitomizing the SMEs

The informal sector and Small and Medium Enterprises

Whats in a name? Whats the difference? Love-hate relationships with formal sectors - What should the response of the governments be? Poverty alleviation and job creation - Different sectors, common goals What do we do? Is the informal sector a transitionary sector?? The informal sector and Small and Medium Enterprises Interconnectedness, partnerships and continuity with the formal sector
M uch attention has been placed on small and medium enterprises (including 'microenterprises') as a means of kick-starting a failing economy. It provides more market opportunities, creates jobs, and makes more efficient use of scare resources.

But the informal sector has been doing precisely that - albeit without recognition. The informal sector in fact epitomizes SMEs and we need to acknowledge the key contributions that it makes vis-a-vis the SME sector.

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