Media - Steps to Getting the Most Out of the Media
  1. Develop a media resource inventory.

  2. Design an overall media plan.
    • Outline how your organization can benefit the media resource and vice versa.
    • Decide what types of coverage will you be interested in (e.g. talk shows or features stories on a news program).
  3. Make contact with the right people.
    • Designate a media specialist(s) in your coalition who will be the main contact person(s) for your coalition.
    • Find out who are the key people in Radio/TV and Newspaper.
    • Write a letter of introduction.
  4. Keep an organized record of all contact and coverage.
    • Keep a record of all media contacts in your community.
    • Collect or record all coverage of your coalition activities and cancer issues by the media.

Adapted from Working with Media Gatekeepers in the How to Guides on Community Health Promotion
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