Media - Media Opportunities

Television Airtime Opportunities

Public Service Opportunities

  • Public Service Announcements (PSAs) - Many stations broadcast PSAs for non-profit community organizations
  • Community Calendar Announcements -Stations maintain a special time slot in which community groups can publicize the date, time and location for specific events
Editorial Opportunities
  • Community Viewpoint Editorials - Opinion messages delivered by members of the community on issues of public concern may be broadcast under different titles, such as "Point of View" or "Free Speech Message".
  • Management Editorials - A station may regularly take public stands on community issues, and broadcast management editorials. Sometimes these positions can be influenced by members of the community.

News and Public Affairs Opportunities

  • Daily News Programs - Coverage of your event or coalition in the news can bring broad exposure and interest. Many TV stations broadcast four or five news programs a day.
  • Weekly Public Affairs Interview Programs - These generally focus on one news issue. It is easy to gain access, but small audience.

Entertainment Programming Opportunities

  • Entertainment Talk Programs - These offer a mix of light and serious topics and guests. They can help generate a broad interest and can be easy to access.
  • Entertainment Magazine Programs - Some stations produce weekly or nightly magazine programs that present reports on local community life. Usually these are light and entertaining, but they sometimes touch on issues of local importance.

Radio Airtime Opportunities

Public Service Airtime

  • Public Service Announcements (PSAs) - Stations will produce and/or broadcast public service announcements for non-profit agencies.
  • Management Editorials - Some stations take public positions on issues of community importance. You can either get the manager to deliver an editorial on your cause or let a spokesperson from your coalition deliver one.
  • Community Calendar - Like TV Stations, most radio stations will accept announcements of upcoming community events.
News and Public Affairs
  • Daily News Reports - Radio stations with an all-news format offer the most opportunities, but most stations at least broadcast short news reports throughout the day.
  • Weekly Public Affairs Programs - These programs are usually in one-on-one or group interview format. They are generally broadcast early or late, to a small audience.
  • Special Programs - Stations with an all-news format may produce special half-hour or longer reports at regular intervals.
Entertainment Programming
  • Disc Jockey Shows - Some DJs have guests on their shows, or may incorporate promotional messages and activities in their show if they believe in your cause.
  • Call-In Shows - Call-in hosts can give excellent exposure to any cause they find intriguing, especially if the host invites a member of your coalition to be interviewed on the air.
  • Special Remote Broadcasts - Some stations frequently broadcast "on location" at shopping malls, community centers, and can promote special community events by broadcasting live from the location of the event.

Newspaper Opportunities

News and News Features

  • News Stories - Have on hand names of editors and reporters for fast coverage of your coalition events.
  • Feature Stories - In-depth stories may appear in weekly or daily papers.
  • Special Series - Daily newspapers are often on the lookout for appropriate subjects for multi-part special reports, which they often promote heavily.
  • Specialized Sections - If special sections such as Business, Food or Health provide appropriate settings for your information, keep names of their editors handy. Thy may accept features or regular columns for your coalition if they are of a high quality.
Editorial Coverage
  • Newspaper Editorial - Editorial writers may be willing to endorse community-wide events or campaigns. On other occasions, they may provide space for interested parties to present rebuttals to positions the paper has taken.
  • Guest Opinion - Daily and weekly papers may accept guest columns on matters of local concern.
  • Columns - Some newspaper columnists reach a wide and loyal readership.
  • Letters to the Editor - Careful and restrained use of letters to the editor can bring issues alive in a community, rebut negative forces and provide a vehicle for thanking those who have helped in your cause.
  • Community Service Space - Newspapers often devote space regularly to news of local non-profit organizations. Although these pages many not have wide readership, they can help your keep your coalition in the public eye and provide a good way of bestowing public recognition on hard-working staff and volunteers.
  • Community Calendars - These will offer free listings of upcoming coalition events.
  • Community News - Many papers have sections giving news of meetings, appointments, past events or future plans.

Adapted from Working with Media Gatekeepers and Building a Resource Inventory in the How to Guides on Community Health Promotion
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