Media - "Dos and Don'ts" For Dealing with the Media

1. Do be proactive in your dealings with the news media.

  • Identify three news operations you plan to work with.

  • Introduce yourself and your organization.

  • Find out if there is a specific contact person/person.

    2. Do be aware of lead times.

  • Call when you are beginning your planning.

    3. Do send (fax if possible) your announcement to appropriate news media.

  • Determine the size of your audience (local, state wide)

    4. Don't send out your news release and forget about it.

  • Follow up quickly. Call within a day to make sure the announcement was received.

    5. Don't call an editor or reporter when they are on a deadline.

  • When calling, ask the reporter if they have time to talk.

    6. Do be available when a reporter calls.

    7. Do tell the news media why your release is important to their readers and viewers.

  • If a photo opportunity is involved, tell the media dates and times the event will occur. Be prepared to give accurate directions to the facility.

    Source: Pam Thompson, PR Newswire. Excerpted from The Northern Appalachia Leadership Initiative on Cancer Media Kit.
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