Going Global for the Greater Good: Succeeding as a Nonprofit in the International Community

by Bonnie Koenig

Going Global for the Greater Good
"At a time when citizens around the world realise that their destiny is intrinsically linked with others in distant lands, and as transnational networks take new shape and form, this accessible and practical publication, adds a much needed body of knowledge that will support learning and practice about working on a global basis"

Kumi Naidoo, Secretary General and CEO, CIVICUS: World Alliance for Citizen Participation

Going Global for the Greater Good offers a unique look at the way nonprofits-of any size-can increase their impact and better achieve their missions by engaging in the international community. Nonprofits that see themselves as part of a global community can provide a broader reach for programs, enhance the diversity of their organizations, raise their organizations' profiles and benefit from the ideas and experience of the global nonprofit community. But few organizations know how to take their place at the international table, and many smaller organizations don't know whether it is realistic for them to try. This practical, user-friendly guide helps locally based organizations find connections in the ever-expanding global arena of ideas.

Bonnie Koenig shows readers how to connect to the global community and to benefit from this network while remaining true to the mission of their organizations and without dramatically altering existing programs or operations. Koenig approaches global participation from a strategic perspective, helping nonprofits make global planning a part of their daily work. She helps practitioners identify, evaluate, and implement international programs. Showing how organizations large and small have found ways to work internationally, Koenig introduces principles that work for the different needs of different organizations. Going Global for the Greater Good will help readers develop a global mindset, integrate global perspectives into strategic planning, network internationally and use the lessons learned on the global stage in the everyday operations of their organizations.

Includes chapters on developing a global mindset, integrating global perspectives into strategic planning, networking internationally, utilizing your meetings as international gateways and operating effectively with international members and Board members.

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Part One: Why Become More International? How Your Organization Can Benefit.
1. Finding Your Organizationís Place in an Increasingly Global World.
2. Expanding Your Global Outreach by Developing a Global Mind-Set.
3. Integrating Global Perspectives into Strategic Planning.
Part Two: The Initial Stages of International Program Development.
4. Using Your Annual Conference and Meetings as an International Gateway.
5. Networking to Discover What Other Organizations Are Out There.
6. Entering the More Formal World of Strategic Alliances and Partnerships.
7. Considering Other Possible International Program Ideas.
Part Three: International Operational Issues.
8. Bringing International Members into Your Decision-Making Groups.
9. Expanding Your International Reach Through Your Membership.
10. Communicating Your Messages Effectively.
11. Planning for Technical and Logistical Issues.
Part Four: Learning from International Models.
12. Lessons to Be Learned from the Global Organization.
13. Comparative Examples from Other Countries.
14. Looking Forward.

176 pages
ISBN 0787966762

Visit resource website: Going International Inc.
Publisher: Jossey-Bass
1st edition (February 20, 2004)
Order online at: www.josseybass.com

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