The Earthscan Reader on NGO Management

Editors: Michael Edwards and Alan Fowler

The Earthscan Reader on NGO Management


ffective management requires the articulation of a clear and common vision for the organization and a set of strategies to achieve it; the mobilization of all necessary human, financial and intellectual resources, and external contacts and connections are required to operate these strategies effectively; and the continuous readjustment of strategy and structure in a changing context, implying an intimate relationship between organizational processes and a dynamic internal and external environment.' From the Introduction

In the last ten years, NGOs have become a force for transformation in global politics and economics. Their numbers and size have grown dramatically and they have assumed far more extensive responsibilities as intermediaries between governments, businesses and other institutions, and local communities and citizens. With this growth has come an ever-more pressing requirement for effective management of their own operations.

Focussing on development organizations working on issues of poverty and injustice, but relevant to NGOs in all sectors, this volume brings together crucial writings on how NGOs can deliberately position and organize themselves to achieve maximum impact and effectiveness in their work. The editors set out the challenges facing NGOs in a stimulating introduction and the contributions are divided into ten sections on:

  1. Visions, Values and Roles
  2. Strategy, Scaling-up and Advocacy
  3. Developing the Organization: Managing Growth, Change and Structure
  4. Strengthening Governance and Accountability
  5. Organizing for Good Development Practice: Participation, Empowerment, Partnering and Capacity-building
  6. Measuring Achievement: Approaches and Methods
  7. Becoming a Learning Organization
  8. Mobilizing Resources and Sustaining the Organization
  9. Dealing with Gender o Human Resources: Their Management, Development and Leadership

It will provide an invaluable resource for NGOs at all stages of their own development and in all fields.

Paperback - 234x153mm
478 pages
ISBN:1853838489 l Publisher: Earthscan

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