NGOs, NGDOs and CBOs

An NGO is . . .
an independent, flexible, democratic,secular, non-profit people's organization working for and/or assisting in the empowerment of economically and socially, marginalized groups.

Many of the terms listed below represent a soul-searching on the part of NGOs to define themselves in terms of their organizational and operational frameworks:

  • BINGO: Business and Industry NGO
  • BONGO: Business Organized NGO
  • CBO: Community Based Organization
  • CONGO: Community Organized Non-governmental Organization
  • DONGO: Donor Organized Non-governmental Organization
  • ENGO: Environmental NGO
  • GONGO: Government Organized Non-Governmental Organization
  • NGO: Non-Governmental Organizations
  • NGDO: Non-Governmental Development Organization
  • NPO: Non-profit Organization
  • PDO: Private Development Organization
  • PSO: Public Service Organization
  • PVO: Private Voluntary Organization
  • QANGO: Quasi Non-governmental Organization
  • VALG: Voluntary Agency/Organization
  • VO: Voluntary Organization

Multiple sources, cited in different articles, brochures and websites.

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