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Starting an NGO

  • Seek staff and office supplies. Volunteers, staff secondments, retired advisors etc. help in reducing personnel costs. Bulk purchases, surplus sales, voluntary donations, are ways to reduce costs. Some common forms of support include:
    • Consulting services (management, advertising, marketing, promotion, legal, taxation, financial, strategic planning, project design, system development etc.)
    • Financial support (capital costs, feasibility studies, small business start-up costs, credit facilities for purchase of assets, sponsorships, travel grants, deficit finance etc.)
    • Donate equipments (machinery, furniture, computers, office equipment and other infrastructure)
    • Donate products (educational, health care, construction, raw materials etc.)
    • In-kind gifts (could be any products other than the company’s line of business)
    • Loaned talent /executive sabbatical (paid time off to perform volunteerwork)
    • Public relations services (NGO branding through corporate approaches)
    • Technical assistance
    • Use of corporate services/facilities (financial and administrative support services, meeting space, mailing services, computer services, printing and duplicating etc.)
    • Extend dealerships of products to NGOs, have a marketing partnerships forNGO products
    • Sponsor salaries of NGO professionals for a certain period

  • Applying for a nonprofit bulk mail permit. NGO/NPOs receive additional discounts on bulk mailings. To receive these discounts, an organization must apply for a nonprofit bulk mail permit. Contact a local post office and request the necessary information packet for this permit.

  • Insure the organization. Basic insurance coverage for the organization, its directors, and officers is critical when forming an effective and responsible organization. Many associations of NGO/NPOs offer group purchasing programs for insurance and other services such as supplies, employee benefits, and banking services. Basic insurance coverage should include the following policies:
    • Worker's Compensation
    • General Liability
    • Director's and Officer's Liability

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