The UN Seahorse in Japan!
Commemorating the Year of the Ocean
What is the UN Seahorse?

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In this International Year of the Ocean ...
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The UN SeahorseThe UN Seahorse is a virtual marine research ship circumnavigating the world from one virtual port of call to another on the internet. It has the twin objective of (1) highlighting issues related to oceans in this International Year of the Ocean and (2) to highlight coastal, marine and ocean issues related to the ports that it calls on, and country/region served by the port.

"The virtual research vessel UN SEAHORSE ... serves all people in new way. We have to protect the oceans as the source of all life. How can people protect anything if they don't know what they are actually protecting. That is why the UN SEAHORSE's mission became to conduct research and help provide information and education on the oceans to all people on the globe ... " - OCEAN'98

The UN Seahorse is unique in that it brings together committed individuals and organizations over the Internet. It works as a focal point around which activities are being carried out to educate, activate and celebrate the Oceans as a binder of humanity.

The UN Seahorse is modelled after a real marine research ships called the "Hr. Ms Tydeman" of the Royal Dutch Navy.

 Visit the OCEAN'98 Website
Activites connected to the UN Seahorse's expedition around the world is being coordinated at the OCEAN98 Secretariat. Visit their website and learn more about the International Year of the Oceans and several other related activities.
of the UN Seahorse

Lloyd's Certificate:class 100A1
Length Overall:90.19 m
Beam, moulded:14.43 m
Displacement:2900 tons
Draught (with dome):7.50
Accommodations:75 total
Propulsion:Diesel-Electric, 2375 HP/1750kW
Single Propeller, active rudder, bow thruster
Max. Speed:15 knots
Min. Speed:0.8 knots
Stabilization:Anti-roll tank; free liquids'surface type
Survey launches:2 Glass reinforced polyester survey boats
Fully equipped

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