The UN Seahorse in Japan!
Commemorating the Year of the Ocean
Mooring of the UN Seahorse at MM21, Yokohama

The UN Seahorse
The UN Seahorse is a virtual ship that traverses the world over the internet, but is modelled after a real Dutch naval research ship called "Hr. Ms Tydeman".

"We must understand and protect the ocean environment, we must use its bountiful resources in a sustainable way, we must preserve the ocean for the benefit and life of future generations and we must rejoice in the magnificence of this wonderful element of our planet" wrote G.L. Holland, Chairman of the IOC to the UN Seahorse team. This clearly illustrates the main aim of the virtual ship: to bring ocean knowledge to the attention of young and old around the world. To use the internet to generate a reservoir of ideas on the ocean.

 Visit the OCEAN'98 Website
Activites connected to the UN Seahorse's expedition around the world is being coordinated at the OCEAN98 Secretariat. Visit their website and learn more about the International Year of the Oceans and several other related activities.

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