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The Five Es of Sustainability

  • ECONOMY - Compatible with Nature — considering economic development plans that protect and/or enhance natural resources through improvements in management practices, technology, efficiency, and changes in life-style.

  • ECOLOGY - Natural Ecosystem Capacity — understanding natural system processes of landscapes and watersheds to guide the design of sound economic development strategies.

  • EQUITY - Societal Well-Being for All People — guaranteeing equal access to jobs, education, natural resources, and services for all people -- balancing the playing field.

  • EDUCATION - Life-long Learning, Awareness, & Training — citizens and organizations obtaining adequate and comprehensive information in creating authentic choices for action intended to affect sustainability; developing interdisciplinary curriculum to train students for careers in sustainable development.

  • EVALUATION - Measuring the making of a Difference — identifying key sustainability indicators that measure the direction and extent of impact from economic and social activities on natural and human systems; providing feedback to allow for corrections in ongoing work toward sustainability.

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