Smart Cities Research Initiative (SIRI)
Enabling technologies to create
resposnive, inclusive, efficient and sustainable cities

The Smart Cities Research Initiative (SIRI) is a project of the GDRC Programmes of Urban Governance and ICTs for Development. It looks at smart cities, and the constellations of stakeholders, policies and technologies that enable cities to be responsive, inclusive, efficient and sustainable. SIRI looks at four key technology dimensions that constitute smart cities - big data, cloud storage, artificial intelligence and virtual reality - that bring together ubiquitous and personal information to enable data collection, access, analysis and presentation. SIRI specifically focsses on local governments and the urban policy dimensions of smart cities.

GDRC Smart Cities Framework

Did you know? A new ISO initiative turns its focus on smart cities. The ISO37106 Smart City Certification (based on the BSI Kitemark Certification) is titled "ISO 37106: Sustainable cities and Communities" and provides guidance on establishing smart city operating models for sustainable communities.


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Smart cities are more than just the use of ICTs and other technologies, and focusses on aiming for sustainable, resilient and liveable cities.

Smart cities are vital to urban governance as they leverage advanced technologies and data-driven approaches to optimize resource allocation, improve infrastructure management, and foster sustainable development, resulting in enhanced livability, economic growth, and citizen well-being.