The Kiko Forum

What is Kiko Forum?

The Citizens' Forum for Preventing Climate Change / Global Warming

Objectives of Kiko Forum

The major purpose is to make the signatories adopt an effective reduction protocol at COP3. For this purpose, the Forum will work to:

  1. increase public awareness of climate issues and help the Japanese reduce CO2. and other GHG gases emissions at home, locally and nationally; and
  2. help both international and Japanese NGOs get involved in the UNFCCC process, especially COP3, effectively and efficiently.

Major projects:

  1. Info clearing house for the public and the press
  2. Public educational campaigns
  3. Fund-raising and technical support for environmental NGOs (especially those in low-income countries) to participate in the COP3.
  4. Publications
  5. Fund raising

The Forum has already started negotiations with local and the national governments so that meeting facilities, communication equipment, free-ride tickets for public transportation, etc. will be reasonably provided to NGOs participating in COP3.

For further information on the Kiko Forum, please contact:

Mr. Koichi Watanabe
Deputy Executive Secretary (TOKYO)
Kiko Forum

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