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I am a student in rural sociology program at the University of Arkansas. I used to work in relationship with some NGOs very active in this issue. They are African NGOs from Guinea-Bissau in West-Africa. Action for Development (AD), Tiniguena ("This is our land", in local language), and Netherland Organization for Development are some of them that have been developed many actions to protect the human physical environment and increase rural communities consciousness about the rationale management of their own physical enviroment on the one hand, and to convince the decision-making structures to criate norms and all useful tools to protect the environment in Guinea-Bissau on the another.If you would like to have a contact with them here is the email address of one of them: ad@mail.bissau.met

Thank you
Alfredo Handem

"Trialogue" is a brilliant and timely idea; it deserves all the support it can get. You can count on my support and of our Secretariat in your very important endeavour.

Calestous Juma
Executive Secretary
Convention on Biological Diversity