UEM: The Last Word

Aerial view of Tokyo, JapanThe title of this website, Urban Environmental Management, may be a bit misleading, as the contents of the website contain a whole range of topics that are not necessarily 'urban.' The objective here is to demonstrate pertinent issues of an urban area and its environment, but also to extrapolate it to the global level.

Urban areas are dynamic 'engines of growth' that generate a GDP far in excess of their share of population or size. They are centres of creativity, of high quality goods and services, etc. Yet the high density of living, and the inherent negative outputs of transportation and production have placed immense pressures on urban areas.

As mentioned in the Introduction, the environmental effects (or 'footprints') of an urban area go far beyond its immediate boundaries. Hence global environmental issues have also been an intrinsic part of UEMRI's research activities. The dividing line between urban and global environmental issues is therefore hazy and mixed.

- Hari Srinivas
Urban Environmental Management Research Initiative

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