The UEMRI Team

The Urban Environmental Management Research Initiative (UEMRI) was launched by Young Planners of the 1997 ISOCARP Congress to continue to collaborate beyond and after the congress. The Congress was held from 17 to 20 September 1997 in Ogaki, Japan. It was jointly organized with the Japan Association for Planning Administration (JAPA).

UEMRI's initial team members included the people in the following list. Since 2000, these have been superseded by more than 50 GDRC Virtual Fellows, who have greatly contributed to the various sections of the programme.

Location of UEMRI Team members
  • Mfaniseni F. Sihlongonyane, South Africa
  • Manu Gupta, India
  • Anshu Sharma, India
  • Ali Asgary, Iran
  • Francesco Martinico, Italy
  • Paula Pacheco, Portugal
  • Mohammad Atiq ur Rahman, Pakistan
  • Zeynep Devellioglu, Turkey
  • Adem Erdem Erbas, Turkey
  • Sonja Mitrovic , Yugoslavia
  • Takahiro Domen, Japan
  • Ken-ichi Ishibashi, Japan
  • Mio Kusase, Japan
  • Hiroyuki Minoura, Japan
  • Makiko Yashiro, Japan
  • Hari Srinivas, Japan
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