Census Information and Demographic Resources

    American Demographics Journal
    Demography and population studies links [WWW Virtual Library]
    Economic and Social Research Council [University of Essex]
    Edinburgh University Data Library
    Housing and Household Economic Statistics Division [US Census]
    Louisiana Population Data Center [LSU]
    Manchester Information Datasets [University of Manchester]
    Norwegian Social Science Data Center
    OSEDA [University of Missouri
    Population Index [Princeton University]
    Populus population modeling program [University of Minnesota]
    Social Science Data Archives [Australian National University]
    Social Science Data Center [University of Virginia]
    Social Sciences Data Collection [UC San Diego]
    Statistics Canada
    Swedish Social Sciences Data Services
    United Nations Population Information Network
    U.S. Demography Home Page [ciesin.org]
    United States Bureau of the Census
    United States Bureau of the Census Gopher
    Up Close US demographic summaries [Up Close Publishing]

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